In order to change the world, you need to discover and master your identity.

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The Rules of Legacy are the core belief system at Unfolding Destiny. You use these rules a way to guide you into becoming a person who changes the world. They are now yours for free, to print out and hang on your wall or to carry with you.

About Unfolding Destiny

Unfolding Destiny is a platform that aims to shed light on the depths of human nature in our pursuit of becoming the best versions of ourselves. Even though most of the content is shared by Numair Qureshi, you will also experience content from other thought leaders, so you can consider UD to be somewhat of a community. We regularly post content based on Self-discovery, Mastery, Society, & Transcendence here. You can also find this content on our instagram page: Numair.co.

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You may email me at: numair@unfoldingdestiny.com

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Unfolding Destiny Content

Big Problems and Life Decisions- Choosing the Right Path

How to figure out which goals to pursue, which not to pursue, and how to determine your life’s big mission.

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