15 Minutes to Success

//15 Minutes to Success

15 Minutes to Success

Effective time management means everything.
In a busy world like today, we need both spirituality and practicality.
Sometimes, we have so many goal that we get overwhelmed.
We simply do not know how to make the best use of our time in order to effectively pursue all of the goals we have.
Having too many goals, however, is not the problem.
Prioritizing and lack of proper time use is the problem.
You can have, do, or be absolutely anything you desire.
Sometimes, we are stuck between two major desires, however. Sometimes we want to tackle two huge goals, but
we feel that we do not have the time to accomplish both tasks.
The first thing I’ll tell you is that it is always best to focus on one goal at a time.
Having too many goals is like reading 30 novels at once: you’ll quickly lose your place, your focus will be scattered, and you may never finish anything.
But, I also know that we waste A LOT of time every day doing things that make absolutely no contribution towards bettering our lives.
I’ll let you be the judge of what is beneficial and detrimental to your life.
In other articles, I’ll talk more about focus and weeding out the inessential.

Time Wasters

For now, I want to be talk about the topic at hand by introducing to you a tool that I’ve found quite valuable in my life.
I call it The 15 Minutes to Success.
The premise behind this tool is that we waste a LOT of time every day on meaningless activities.
We spend too much time:

  • On the Phone.
  • Watching Television.
  • In the Bathroom.
  • Daydreaming.
  • Procrastinating
  • Complaining
  • Checking E-mails
  • Using Social Media Networking tools (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.)
  • Eating

The list goes on.

The Strategy

The 15 Minutes to Success is about prioritizing.
It’s about declaring what the next day ought to consist of.
If you can plan out the things you will do the following day, you will have amazing control over how your weeks, months, years, and your life will play out.
Outcomes are based on actions.
Now, this isn’t a vision building exercise, so I’ll leave out all the dream planning and discuss that in another article.
All I want to tell you is that you must plan ahead, or else your life will be a long string of random events.

The Method

I learned this from my coach Robert Hartung.
Open a word document, or take out a pen and a pad of paper.
Break down your day into 15 minute intervals starting from the time you would like to wake up.
In this example, I would say that we start at 6 am.
End at whichever time you would like to go to bed. In this example, we’ll use 11 pm.
This is what your time management sheet will resemble:
6:00 AM
6:15 AM
6:30 AM
6:45 AM
7:00 AM
And so on.
Next to each time slot write down what you would like to do.
If you like to use the bathroom first thing in the morning, you can dedicate 15 minutes to everything. If you need to shower, then, maybe a half hour. In any case, you won’t be wasting any minute longer than necessary.
When you keep track of the important things, than the meaningless things fade out.
Fill the beginning of your day with the most important tasks. If you want to watch TV or use Facebook, save those tasks for the end of the day.
I break the facebook rule all the time, but I’m not consumed by it, lol; therefore, know your vices!
There is plenty of room to bend rules, but stay strict to your routine.
Also, don’t make the mistake I made when I first did this.
I put down like 4 thousand activities to accomplish, and I was burned out by the end of the day.
Just pick a few meaningful guys.
Perhaps you can go to the gym.
Perhaps you can start studying that language you’ve been putting off for so long.
Perhaps you can start writing your novel.
Understand the genius behind this method!
If you dedicate JUST 15 minutes a day towards writing a novel, that leads up to 105 minutes a week.
That’s 420 minutes a month.
That’s 5040 minutes a year.
That levels out to 84 hours of writing.
WHEN is the last time YOU spent writing 84 hours of anything?
Now, that’s only 15 minutes- 15 MEASLY minutes.
Imagine if you upped the ante to 30 minutes a day.
You’ve doubled your novel, and you’ve put in 168 hours towards your goal.
This is just playing it safe.
If you are truly passionate about this novel, you can dedicate 2 hours a day to its writing!
Let’s just say you take a break on Saturday and Sunday.
That’s 480 hours a year!
You have the power to accomplish SO much in your life.
I hope you are beginning to see how those 15 minutes add up.
I want to challenge you.
Spend ONE WEEK, just ONE WEEK, living according to a schedule like this, and then PROVE to me that it didn’t change your life.
– It will change your life.
The little things always add up. Focus on the little things. Big changes will come as a result.
By the way, the very last thing on your list (before sleep, of course) should consist of you writing out how you want your next day to play out.
Do this every day for one week. Every night, you will probably have something different to write about for the following day because how life works.
Once you have all 7 days written out, you will have a plan that you can follow for the rest of your year.
Accomplish every goal you desire by breaking your life into 15 minute increments. How snazzy is that?
I’ll advise you to pick 3-4 meaningful goals as opposed to 30 that have no major value to you.
You can always focus on other goals later, but it’s best to focus on a few at a time and accomplish those few along the way before moving on.
To help you on your way, I’ve fashioned a document that you save, download, print and add your schedule onto!!!!
Note: Save this pdf to your desktop, and save the changes with it.

15 Minutes to Success- UnfoldingDestiny.com


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