Unfolding Destiny is a place for telling stories about personal growth and providing insight on how to reach your full potential as an individual.  In other words, it’s about the day-to-day process of pursuing Self-Actualization. At Unfolding Destiny, you will find a mixture of memos, thought experiments, recorded conversations, eureka-moments, and micro-stories all shared to help you better understand yourself and your own journeyThe Unfolding Destiny Podcast launches September 1st and will release bi-weekly on Sundays this Fall.

Numair Qureshi

Numair Qureshi started Unfolding Destiny back in 2010 with the purpose of helping people to figure out their life purpose so that they may achieve self-actualization. During this time, Numair also began working on a concept for app that would soon come to be known as Mixotype (see bottom of page for mmore). While he focused on developing Mixotype, Numair ultimately had to stop working on Unfolding Destiny so that he could better understand his own personal journey toward self-actualization.

Alex Weber

Years later in the summer of 2014, Numair would meet Alex Weber in a moment of true serendipity during a pick-up game of basketball near Fenway Park in Boston, MA. At the time, Alex was working on his Master’s Thesis in Architecture at nearby MassArt, where he was exploring the relationships between technology, social culture, and physical space. At the end of the basketball game, Alex overheard Numair talking about Mixotype with another person on the court and he decided to walk over and stripe up a conversation with Numair. That one act of starting a conversation eventually blossomed over time into a friendship and a business partnership.

Over the past three years of developing Mixotype together, Numair and Alex began to better understand the true nature of what they were working on and the impact it was having on their own lives. As they struggled to gain stability and balance in their personal lives while working multiple jobs, they realized that there was a significant part of the journey that needed to be expressed and shared with others who were battling similar problems in their own lives.

So, here they are.

Numair and Alex have dedicated Unfolding Destiny as a space to sharing their experiences and insights so that others can join in their process of introspection, self-analysis, and growth.

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