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Unfolding Destiny is a place for telling stories about personal growth and providing insight on how to reach your full potential as an individual.  In other words, it’s about the day-to-day process of pursuing and achieving Self-Actualization. At Unfolding Destiny, you will find a mixture of memos, thought experiments, recorded conversations, eureka-moments, and micro-stories relating to personal growth and self-actualization. The Unfolding Destiny Podcast launches September 1st and will release bi-weekly on Sundays this Fall.

Numair Qureshi started Unfolding Destiny back in 2010 with the purpose of helping people to figure out their life purpose so that they may achieve self-actualization. However, during this time, Numair was also heavily involved in working on an app that he would soon call Mixotype. Other than contributing some essays to Unfolding Destiny- which you can find on the blog- every now and then, Numair had to ultimately stop working on Unfolding Destiny so that he could go deeper into his personal journey of self-actualization. His theory of self-actualization would manifest into Mixotype, and idea he began working on in 2007 before he had a name for it.

Years later, Numair would find Alex Weber on a basketball court. It was the Summer of 2014, and they were playing on the same team on a court near Fenway Park. At the end of the game, Alex overheard Numair talking about Mixotype with a teenager named Leshawn Harris who was a burgeoning musician. Alex struck up a conversation with Numair about Mixotype, and that one conversation blossomed into a friendship and partnership. While Alex was working on his Master’s Thesis, Numair continued to work on Mixotype with Sean Hall and Weng Fung, while involving Alex in the discussions on Basecamp and e-mail. Eventually, Alex would began committing his time to Mixotype towards the beginning of 2015.

Alex proved to be an incredibly important addition to the team, and he brought on Zach Joder. While they grew the Mixotype brand, they began to better understand the nature of what they were working with. Eventually, towards the end, just as they were planning on launching Mixotype, Numair and Alex realized that there was a significant part of the journey that needed to be expressed on another medium. They were thinking about introducing podcasts on Mixotype.com to help grow the platform before the app launches. Numair came up with the idea of guiding people into self-actualization in the podcasts featured on Mixotype.com. However, Alex suggested that a better place for such content would be on Unfolding Destiny.

So, here they are.

Numair has dedicated Unfolding Destiny as his space of sharing his life’s work so that he can help people grow and evolve. Alex works with Numair in terms of contributing articles biweekly, he helps with the podcasts, he designed the logos, and he will help Numair shape this brand. These two individuals are powerhouses, and they are dedicated to helping you maximize your potential.

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Numair Qureshi

Founder of Unfolding Destiny

Founder and CEO of Mixotype

Alex Weber

Co-Founder of Mixotype

Founder of Public Parasite

Contributor to Unfolding Destiny



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