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9 01, 2011

The Only Way toward Success: The Road Less Traveled Starts at the Core

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Tweet Introduction: There are so many choices we could make in our lives, and the abundance of choices makes it very difficult for us to decide what path we should take. Most of us quit before we even find that answer because the search is far too difficult. Choice, itself, is a great luxury. We live in times in which choice is commonly available to nearly everybody on cface of the planet. We simply do not have to be tied to serfdom and assigned identities any longer. So, how do we find fulfilling, lasting, wonderful success in life? Keep reading. =) Know Yourself Simply put, you must start at the core. There are millions of paths you could potentially take in life, but none of them matter until you know your life's purpose. I can't really teach you how to do that here in such a simple blog post, but if you stick around long enough, I may launch a product at some point that teaches you how to do just that. Anyway, learn this purpose of yours. Once you learn it, you can cut through all of the chaos, distraction, and bullshit that is keeping you from achieving your [...]

27 09, 2010

Coaching and Friendship: Achieving Exponential Success in Life

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Tweet Introduction Your life will pass you by, and moments will be measured in blinks. What matters most is how you spend this time. Live a life filled with goals. I'm sure you have quite a few, but how can you stay consistent with your ambitions? One of the greatest things you can do in your life is to hire a coach. If you can't do that, then stay connected with a friend, and you both can hold each other accountable. Assess Your Goals Figure out what you want for your life. If you need help in this area, check out my previous post: The funny thing is that once you get everything out on paper, your life still is waiting to be lived. What can you do with written goals? Not much. Not unless you takea ction. It's easy to get high off of success. You figure that once you've written your goals down, you've done something so important that it warrants you to relax and not do anything for a while; however, this is the type of thinking that gets you  nowhere in life. Know all of your goals. Pick a Few You won't be able to [...]

16 09, 2010

Time Whores: Bitches Be Stealin' Yo Time

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Tweet Introduction: WELCOME BACK! I'm sorry for the dissonance. I had to take time and prioritize my life. School started, and I needed to readjust my schedule in order to make some huge changes. But, I'm back, and I'm fresher than ever. Listen, we've talked about "dying" already. You already know that there is a limited amount of time you will have on this earth. Most of us take this time for granted. Naturally, people tend to be lazy because they feel as though there is all the time in the world. If you examine the story of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, you will an entirely different view on life; however. I won't go into the details because Robert Greene does an amazing job talking about this man in The 48 Laws of Power. Go read this book ASAP because it will certainly change your life. Dostoyevsky was set up to be killed by a firing squad. It was all a ploy, however. Nobody was actually supposed to die, but the men on stage believed they were experiencing their final moments. Suddenly, a messenger on horseback with a message from the king thwarted the operation. Instead, the writer was sent to 4 [...]

25 08, 2010

The Shadows of a Broken Self: Dream Analysis Leads to Wholeness

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Tweet Introduction We all need dreamers in this world, because there would be no growth without them. But, what about dreams in general? Are they important? What are they? What do they reveal about us? Why do we even have them? The most beautiful thing about living bodies is that every single part of them consists of a purpose. For instance, our lungs allow oxygen exchange, our hair provides warmth and bacterial resistance, our ears provide audio, and etc. The only body parts within us that serve no purpose are an extra rib in our rib cage and our tail bones. Nothing in nature is an accident. There are no decorative ornaments in the human body. Every single part and function serves as a purpose, and anything that has no purpose is weeded out. Then, it would stand to reason that our dreams also play an integral role in our lives. Nature does not play games. Let's decipher what dreams really are. The Collective Unconscious Carl Jung was a genius. He was seriously one of the greatest minds to have ever walked the face of this planet, and he brought forth a lot of knowledge to this world. You probably [...]

24 08, 2010

The Notebook was for Sissies, but Journals are for Warriors

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Tweet Introduction There's an Incubus song called Warning which explicitly states, "Don't ever let life pass you by." If you haven't heard that song, and especially if you have not ever listened to Incubus, I suggest you go and listen to that song right now because it kicks so much ass. Youtube it. The sad thing is that countless numbers of people, myriads, let their lives fly away daily. Everyone's a Jay Gatsby, everyone's stretching for that green light across the river at the edge of the dock. In this world of symphonies and heartbreaks, dreams and aspirations, very few people stay focused. And just like A Tale of Two Cities, these are certainly the best of times and the worst of times. How can we keep track of our lives when everything around us seems to be spinning like a hurricane? How do we stay steadfast to our vision? It is so important to have a dream. It is even more important to be able to track that dream, to pull it out of the ethers and to measure your progression toward its attainment. Even in today's advanced society, many people neglect one of the best ways to measure one's progression towards a dream: [...]

23 08, 2010

Thoughts and Reality: The Scientific Art of Bending and Creating Your Reality

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Tweet   Introduction You are a living, breathing, magnet that participates in a universe which has been created by solely your own thoughts. Wise men have said all throughout the ages that our thoughts make our world. Perhaps they spoke figuratively; however, the power of their words resonated a truth so concrete that up until the 20th century, it could only be validated by a feeling in the gut. For millennia, the gut was seen as the source of all truth and reason; however, the birth of logical reason thrust the power of the gut aside so that science may adopt an approach which could be measured and scaled. Viva la Revolucion! The 20th century came, and along with it, we obtained a wealth of knowledge which could finally substantiate the claims that the sages of yester could only convince us through rhetoric without the foundation of measurable proof to validate it. Proof Clearly and succinctly, the premise of this article is to evidence that our thoughts create our reality. I make no small claim when I address this situation. It is of my aim to give strong evidence that our thinking literally creates the cosmos which surround us, from [...]

17 08, 2010

The Myth of the Starving Artist: Glorifying Poverty is SO Last Century

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Tweet What Would Van Halen do? Introduction Poverty begins as a state of mind, and it expands into full blown consciousness. Consciousness becomes awareness. Awareness becomes expectation. Expectation becomes reality. We were born with the power to rule the universe. But we were conditioned into mediocrity. We fought for liberty in our yesteryears, we fought for independence, we fought for our rights to be an end unto ourselves. We came from everywhere. In the depth of our history, we were looked down upon for so long. With nowhere to turn to, art was our only escape. In a world ruled by Czars, Caesars, Emperors, and Kings, we were peasants who had no voice. Art was our outlet of expression. We were the da Vincis, the Michaelangelos, the Sun Tzus, the Machiavellis, the thinkers, the dreamers. Ours is a story of violence and horror. The pages of our history are filled with acts of civil disobedience, because we had to show the world that we mattered- that the leaders weren't the only ones who had a voice. They made laws to shut us up. They wanted to compress the heart, to kill creativity, to enslave the mind. And for [...]

16 08, 2010

To Stop Bitching is the Most Bitchin' Thing You Can do

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Tweeth Introduction Let's keep things simple today. I have an awesome video clip for you to watch. Enjoy. Being rich makes me poor- Anonymous One day, when you're wealthy, you have all the money in the world, and there is absolutely not a single thing you have to worry about in your life, life is gonna SUCK. A life without a challenge is a boring life. When there are no challenges, there is no growth. When there is no growth, there is no innovation. When there is no innovation, minds die. When minds die, humanity dies. Most people go about living their lives the wrong way. They live their lives from the outside-in. They feel that external luxuries will satisfy inner turmoil. Only the wisest of the wise flip the scenario. They realize that their external world is only a reflection of their inner sanctuary. We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.- The Talmud Stop blaming external forces for internal pains. And, don't try to plug the hole in your soul up with external luxuries. Here is the secret to bliss: Figure out your life's purpose. Almost nobody does this, because it's the [...]

14 08, 2010

The Science of Contagious, You Turn My Pages: Scientific Evidence as to How We Become Our Surroundings

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Tweet Introduction Previously, in another article, we talked about the best way of becoming successful is by surrounding ourselves with people who are greater than us at the goal we are trying to accomplish. Now, we're going to study the science behind all of this. Why do we become more and more like our surroundings, and how can we best capitalize on these teachings? History The Stockholm Bank Heist In 1973, one of the strangest bank heists to have ever been documented occurred. It was a failed attempt. The robbers took four hostages into captivity, and they did not release them for six days. They were very kind to the people they were holding under hostage. Within a few days, the hostages began to gain sympathetic feelings toward the robbers. Once the heist was put to a halt and the hostages were released to the authorities, they actually defended the robbers. Somehow during the course of a week, the hostages began to favor the side of the criminals. This psychological effect became known as the Stockholm Syndrome. The Stanford Prison Experiment A fantastic piece of history occurred in the basement of Stanford University in 1971. Philip Zimbardo conducted a study [...]

13 08, 2010

Role Models of Success: Your Life Sucks Because Your Friends Suck

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Tweet Introduction There are SO MANY methods of success being taught out there. There are live seminars, audiobooks, books, movies, websites, forums, and information products filled with information on success. People have become information whores in this day and age of great knowledge. Everybody wants the latest and greatest, and many people want to improve their lives; however nearly everyone is going about it all wrong! I am going to share a secret with you that I wish I had known earlier in my life. This one secret beats everything else by a million fold. The secret is: People. The Hard Way to Success The average person is stubborn. He will try to learn success the hard way: on his own. Here is his approach: Read books Watch movies Listen to audiobooks Attend Seminars Start Planning Start putting those plans into actions Make many mistakes along the way Learn from mistakes Reattempt action Action finally succeeds Much doubt is encountered along the way Many people want him to quit After much labor, he gains a lot of Wisdom The Wisdom finally makes him smart enough to be an expert in his field Now he goes about trying to find other [...]