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The Artist vs. The Sensationalist: How to Create Something Meaningful

Jimi Hendrix- One of the greatest Artists of all time. I thought about art today and how it moves you. You know, music, poetry, movies, paintings,  plays, books, etc. And, I was wondering what makes something truly magnificent. Most of our lives, we're so busy chasing sensations that we neglect our truths. When you spend so much time trying to fabricate something into more than what it really is, you're not creating anything meaningful. When you try to make something funnier than it really is, or sadder than it really is, or "deeper" than it really is, you [...]

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Dreams, Gravity, and the Infinite Progression Towards Simplicity: An Understanding of Fearlessness in the face of Change

Tweet I am convinced now that gravity affects not just our bodies but also our dreams. Since the dawn of civilization, it has been mankind's greatest ambition to take domain over its kingdom. We have always wanted to understand everything about the universe: - "What started all of this?" - "What's existence?" - "What's death?" - "Who am I?" - "What is the meaning of life?" - "How can we make life simpler?" The ability to question, to reason, is what separated man from all other forms of existence; and it is through questioning and reasoning alone that man has [...]

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A Dreamer at the Train Stop

  Tweet     I thought this was the most amazing thing I had seen all day. It was just this one quiet moment when my train was passing by that I saw a man on the opposite tracks. He was wearing a business suit; he was was sitting down, bent over, hands folded, with his head gazing off into the distance. He had a backpack filled with his belongings. It seemed as though he had prepared to meet his maker. I don't know what really caught me so off guard when I fell witness to such a scene. I [...]

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HOT and DANGEROUS…but alone?- How to Find Mr. Right

Tweet Introduction So, you can't find the right guy, huh? People say you're pretty, but you feel ugly as hell, right? You were only a few pounds away from your "perfect weight", so you decided to burn it off. And once you burned it off, you found yourself lonelier than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, this post is for the gorgeous women out there. Fat chicks get too much attention, anyway. Plain and simple: HOTNESS SCARES MEN AWAY. The Syndrome It's a strange situation we've got here. Generally speaking, every woman wants to be gorgeous. But, does being gorgeous come with [...]

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The Only Way toward Success: The Road Less Traveled Starts at the Core

Tweet Introduction: There are so many choices we could make in our lives, and the abundance of choices makes it very difficult for us to decide what path we should take. Most of us quit before we even find that answer because the search is far too difficult. Choice, itself, is a great luxury. We live in times in which choice is commonly available to nearly everybody on cface of the planet. We simply do not have to be tied to serfdom and assigned identities any longer. So, how do we find fulfilling, lasting, wonderful success in life? Keep reading. [...]

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Coaching and Friendship: Achieving Exponential Success in Life

Tweet Introduction Your life will pass you by, and moments will be measured in blinks. What matters most is how you spend this time. Live a life filled with goals. I'm sure you have quite a few, but how can you stay consistent with your ambitions? One of the greatest things you can do in your life is to hire a coach. If you can't do that, then stay connected with a friend, and you both can hold each other accountable. Assess Your Goals Figure out what you want for your life. If you need help in this area, check [...]

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Time Whores: Bitches Be Stealin' Yo Time

Tweet Introduction: WELCOME BACK! I'm sorry for the dissonance. I had to take time and prioritize my life. School started, and I needed to readjust my schedule in order to make some huge changes. But, I'm back, and I'm fresher than ever. Listen, we've talked about "dying" already. You already know that there is a limited amount of time you will have on this earth. Most of us take this time for granted. Naturally, people tend to be lazy because they feel as though there is all the time in the world. If you examine the story of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, [...]

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The Shadows of a Broken Self: Dream Analysis Leads to Wholeness

Tweet Introduction We all need dreamers in this world, because there would be no growth without them. But, what about dreams in general? Are they important? What are they? What do they reveal about us? Why do we even have them? The most beautiful thing about living bodies is that every single part of them consists of a purpose. For instance, our lungs allow oxygen exchange, our hair provides warmth and bacterial resistance, our ears provide audio, and etc. The only body parts within us that serve no purpose are an extra rib in our rib cage and our tail [...]

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The Notebook was for Sissies, but Journals are for Warriors

Tweet Introduction There's an Incubus song called Warning which explicitly states, "Don't ever let life pass you by." If you haven't heard that song, and especially if you have not ever listened to Incubus, I suggest you go and listen to that song right now because it kicks so much ass. Youtube it. The sad thing is that countless numbers of people, myriads, let their lives fly away daily. Everyone's a Jay Gatsby, everyone's stretching for that green light across the river at the edge of the dock. In this world of symphonies and heartbreaks, dreams and aspirations, very few people stay focused. And [...]

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