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The Daunting Pursuit of Self-Transformation

The Daunting Pursuit of Self-Transformation   Prologue Hello reader, I hope all is well with you in your life.  My name is Alex Weber. I’m an architect, designer, and entrepreneur living in Boston, MA, and... I suffer from mental health issues on almost a daily basis.  Anxiety, depression, fear and anger; they’ve all plagued me in some form or another throughout my young adult life. I’m definitely not crazy, and I never have been although some days it has felt like it.  But, I do admit that I am deeply flawed like almost every other human being that’s been fortunate [...]

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Happiness vs. Growth

Happiness vs. Growth In this video, I share a framework that guides you into distinguishing between happiness in growth. 1. Bring your expectation of happiness back to baseline 2. Be present in the moment and fight to free yourself from unnecessary distraction. 3. Happiness =/= Growth The basic idea is that when you set your expectations for what makes you happy to be minimal, you give yourself the ability to shift into growth mode.

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