17 04, 2020

Do Soulmates Exist?

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Do Soulmates Exist? I think that instead of looking towards that, we should rather look into understanding Degrees of Compatibility, but none of that even matters until we have a true understanding of self.

6 04, 2020

Health, Immunity, and COVID-19

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This was a topic a friend of mine asked me to speak on. He prepared some research, and I also prepared my own. It is important to understand that as of the time and date of this post (04.05.2020 @ 2:20 PM), there is no cure for COVID-19. HALO Factors that deal with the kind of immunization you should seek are: Health Age Lifestyle Occupation This video deals mostly with Health. As it stands, many of us seek health care when it is too late; we seek it once there are symptoms of some underlying problem. And our Health Care systems are fantastic at fixing these symptoms and restoring our health; however, treating a symptom is not the same as actually addressing the overall cause of the problem. Doctors want to see you healthy, and they would prefer that you are in the best health possible. Being healthy reduces the likelihood that you will contract an infection. Exercise studies performed on rats show that moderate exercise performed 3-5 times per week can actually increase immune health and make it less likely for a rat to become ill. However, a study presented at the NIH called Exercise and Respiratory [...]

3 04, 2020

The Octalysis Framework by Yu-Kai Chou

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The Octalysis Framework by Yu-Kai Chou details In his book Actionable Gamification, Yu-Kai Chou details a process through which you can gamify your user experience so that people keep returning back for more. In his seminal work, Yu-Kai teaches us that a truly engaging user experience is one that consists of eight drives: Epic Meaning and Calling Development and Accomplishment Empowerment and Creativity Ownership and Possession Social Influence and Relatedness Scarcity and Impatience Unpredictability and Curiosity Loss and Avoidance This work is incredibly important if you are looking to gamify your work. Related to this video is my previous video called "The Psychology Behind Contagious Brands" in which I discuss Octalysis (briefly) in juxtaposition with two other frameworks, leading to sum total of three: 1. Hooked by Nir Eyal Contagious by Jonah Berger Octalysis by Yu-Kai Chou You can view that previous video here: https://youtu.be/zIvzj7yG4rg Like, Share, Subscribe - hit that notification bell! And download your Rules of Legacy poster by signing up at UnfoldingDestiny.com

27 03, 2020

How to Handle Stress During the Pandemic

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Welcome to Unfolding Destiny. In this video, we talk about the four things you can do to handle your stress during the pandemic: Activate Purpose Pursue Abundance vs. Scarcity Exercise Regularly Trust Your nature Download The Rules of Legacy Poster by visiting my website: http://www.UnfoldingDestiny.com Follow me on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/numair.co