Coaching and Friendship: Achieving Exponential Success in Life

//Coaching and Friendship: Achieving Exponential Success in Life

Coaching and Friendship: Achieving Exponential Success in Life


Your life will pass you by, and moments will be measured in blinks.
What matters most is how you spend this time.
Live a life filled with goals.
I’m sure you have quite a few, but how can you stay consistent with your ambitions?
One of the greatest things you can do in your life is to hire a coach.
If you can’t do that, then stay connected with a friend, and you both can hold each other accountable.

Assess Your Goals

Figure out what you want for your life. If you need help in this area, check out my previous post:
The funny thing is that once you get everything out on paper, your life still is waiting to be lived. What can you do with written goals? Not much. Not unless you takea ction.
It’s easy to get high off of success. You figure that once you’ve written your goals down, you’ve done something so important that it warrants you to relax and not do anything for a while; however, this is the type of thinking that gets you  nowhere in life.
Know all of your goals.

Pick a Few

You won’t be able to attack all of your goals simultaneously; however, if you don’t start taking action today, you will pretty much accomplish nothing. Pick a few at a time. Start focusing on those few, and see if you can capitalize on those gains.
Over time, if you feel that you can handle more, then certainly feel free to add more goals to the list. Make sure, though, that you can see these goals to their completion.


You really need to find a coach. This is the best way to get anywhere far in life. A coach will hold you accountable, he or she will make sure you are following your goals. If you want to lose weight, hire a fitness coach. You may not be able to afford a personal trainer, but you might be able to have telephone consultations with one for twice a month. If you want to improve your dating life, hire an attraction coach. If you want to become a better speaker, hire a public speaking coach.
Many times, if not every time, you will be able to learn something within a few hours with a coach that would have taken you six months or more if you had done things alone. That’s the power of having a great coach by your side. People usually scoff at the idea of hiring a coach because they say that it’s too expensive, a waste of time, and a waste of self effort; i.e., a critique is that we shouldn’t need to hire a coach for something we are perfectly capable of doing on our own.
However, will power doesn’t last very long.  A coach is someone who can really hold us accountable for all of our actions.

Friendship and Success

It is ALWAYS great to have a coach and a friend working with you side by side.
With a friend, you should be making calls DAILY. Tell your friend what you want to accomplish on any given day. This friend will hold you accountable for all of your goals. You MUST accomplish all of the goals you bounce off at your friend. You wlld do the same for him or her.
It’s okay to have different goals. All that matters is that you both watch each others’ backs.
My friend Aaron and I shot a bunch of goals off each other the other night, and today is one of the most productive days of my life. Everything feels amazing. It’s WONDERFUL to see what one can accomplish with time management and prioritization.
If you stay in touch with your friend every night, you will excel really far on your journey.
Once you reach out to your coach again, you’ll have made substantial strides.
Now, if you can’t hire a coach, it is still great to have friendship accountability. You will still get very far. A coach, though, will exponentiate your success.
Do it quickly.

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