Dreams, Gravity, and the Infinite Progression Towards Simplicity: An Understanding of Fearlessness in the face of Change

//Dreams, Gravity, and the Infinite Progression Towards Simplicity: An Understanding of Fearlessness in the face of Change

Dreams, Gravity, and the Infinite Progression Towards Simplicity: An Understanding of Fearlessness in the face of Change

I am convinced now that gravity affects not just our bodies but also our dreams.
Since the dawn of civilization, it has been mankind’s greatest ambition to take domain over its kingdom. We have always wanted to understand everything about the universe:
– “What started all of this?”
– “What’s existence?”
– “What’s death?”
– “Who am I?”
– “What is the meaning of life?”
– “How can we make life simpler?”
The ability to question, to reason, is what separated man from all other forms of existence; and it is through questioning and reasoning alone that man has been able to become the dominant life form in this sector of the Universe, an accomplishment 4.3 billion years in the making.
The one question that has quite possibly had the greatest measurable impact on all of civilization is the one that asks for simplicity in life, the last question.
“How can we make life simpler?”
With fire, we could finally cook food.
With the wheel, we could finally transport large objects over vast distances in record breaking time and with record breaking ease.
With advancements in inventions, we can now write books in a matter of days, as opposed to lifetimes.
We now enjoy a greater degree of health than ever known before in all of Human history.
In essence, we all want the simplest way towards any destination, and this is how we are wired. It’s nature, it’s fight/flight, it’s primal, it’s instinctual, it’s survival, it’s zen, it’s bliss, it’s beauty, it’s perfection.

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.”- Picasso

It is through this desire for simplicity that man has been able to trap the light of the universe into glass enclosures.
It is through this desire for simplicity that man has been able to transmit sound across the globe through miles of wires. And when wires became too cumbersome, man eliminated them altogether and just blasted sound into the universe via satellite.
It is through this very desire of simplicity that we were able to place a storyteller inside of every living room, trapped inside of a box with knobs and dials. And then that storyteller was moved to our phones, making life simpler and more enjoyable for us as we moved about our daily activities upon trains, planes, and automobiles- all of which were invented to make life….
…simpler for us.
Now this simplicity is not just something we strive for as humans, but it is also an integral part of nature.
In physics, simplicity is attributed through a phenomenon known as the Principle of Least Action which states that nature operates in a manner through which it achieves its desired outcome in the simplest manner.
In Fred Gratzon’s book “The Lazy Way to Success”, he writes:

“[The Principle of Least Action] was first formulated in the 18th century by Lagrange, Hamilton, and Jacobi, famous scientists all, who at the time were studying the movements of celestial bodies. It turns out that the Principle of Least Action is the mathematical form describing not only the motion of celestial bodies but also all known physical laws of motion, including electromagnetism, the propagation of light beams, and quantum theory. In other words, everything in the entire universe is joyfully following the Principle of Least Action.
Let’s consider an example. When we throw a ball up in the air, it doesn’t zigzag all over the place in a random pattern. The ball will always follow the easiest, shortest, straightest path up, and the easiest, shortest, straightest path down. Scientists explain this simple phenomenon by saying that the ball moves so as to minimize the time-averaged difference of kinetic and potential energies, a measurable quantity called action. The result will always be the easiest, shortest, straightest path or least action.” (page 34)

SIMPLICITY, my friends, is a function of all existence; it exists within the philosophical ravines of human inquisitiveness, and it also exists within the intricate mathematics used to do design deluxe skyscrapers.
As a result, it is the mind’s desire to accomplish a task in the most efficient manner possible. In any given situation, when we set out to complete a task, we aim to complete it in the most complete and effective way with the least amount of time and effort.
It takes great genius, it takes GREAT genius to create something worthwhile for the human race. But, it also takes great genius to take take that creation and to simplify it; e.g., Marconi may have invented the radio, but he certainly didn’t invent Sirius.
And, once you find a simpler way to do something, why go back and do it the more difficult way? Why walk fifty miles when you can bike? Why bike fifty miles when you can drive? Why drive fifty miles if you can fly there in a helicopter (assuming you can afford it)?
It sounds like common sense by now, doesn’t it? Simpler is better. Simpler is beautiful. Simpler is art. Simpler will take civilization towards greater heights. One day, when teleportation is perfected, airplanes will become mostly obsolete.
Such is the way of the evolution of innovation. As processes become simpler, older processes fade away.
So, what does simplicity have to do with dreams and gravity?
You see, there is a major problem at bay in society.
Everyone is doing everything in their power to keep us from walking into foreign territory. The education systems are fucked, as I’ve already stated. They put out a curriculum designed almost COMPLETELY on abstractions, none of which shows true promise and effectiveness in the real world. Our friends and family members, who are by and large “victims” of such education systems, have no way of thinking outside of the box because all of their thinking has already been done for them.
The schooling systems teach us loads of abstract knowledge that simply does not work in the real world.
So, here is the problem:
Things ARE getting SIMPLER in the real world. In the real world, you do not have to do multivariable calculus in order to determine how to order a latte at Starbucks. In the real world, you do not have to learn about the aromatic structure of a benzene ring in order to be able to cook food.
School has taught us only abstractions, and it is the FURTHEST thing from reality. Its sole purpose is to inflict us with a huge amount of debt; that is it.
So, here were are faced with a great problem. The problem is that school is trying to make us follow abstract paths and teachings that are so outdated today that their use would possibly put mankind back into the dark ages.
WE DO NOT NEED CALCULUS in order to cook food.
A DEGREE no longer even promises us a job. Maybe 50 years ago, it did. But now, technology is so advanced that we simply do not need such degrees. Nearly everything can be outsourced.
Take a deep, deep, look at society. EVERYTHING about society is designed to keep you from doing things in the simplest manner. Simplicity just isn’t taught at school, because simplicity itself is making SCHOOL obsolete.

“You dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a fuckin education you coulda got for a dollah fifty in late chahges at the public library.”- Good Will Hunting

But it’s not just school. It’s just society in general. Businesses are scared of people who think outside of the box. Your friends are afraid to think outside of the box. Your parents are afraid to think outside of the box. Most importantly, nobody wants you to think outside of the box because if you think outside of the box, not only do you have the potential to get ahead, but you also have the potential to make something simple. And if you make something simple, it means that something else is potentially going to become obsolete.
Does that make sense?
I am taking you towards a big light bulb moment, so follow me. Before I can paint you such a picture, let me bring some points home:
1. School teaches us outdated material, whereas the outside world is moving, and growing, at record breaking speeds. Sorry, but a degree in business, liberal arts, or nearly anything else just won’t mean shit to you.
2. Much of society does not want you to “think” outside of the box because thinking outside of the box leads to innovation, and innovation leads to simplicity; simplicity leads to the death of less-simple ways. For instance, cordless phones have been severely surpassed by cell phones already because cell phones are just so much more simple to integrate into life.
3. Simplicity is a law of nature, and if we were all to follow simplicity, the education systems would be faced with a DRASTIC decision: they would either have to crumble overnight, or they would have to completely change in order to match the changing times. I am not against education at all; I am a voracious reader, and you will rarely spot me without a book in hand. However, I am completely against obsolete education, and that is exactly what is taught at school. School is a failing system.
Earlier, I stated “I am convinced now that gravity affects not just our bodies but also our dreams. ”
So, how does gravity affect our dreams?
I’ll explain it now.
You see, gravity also abides by the Principle of Least Action. What goes up finds the clearest way down. Gravity takes on a different definition when in the face of dreams, however. When I speak of dreams, I speak of the gravity that draws us towards the quickest, simplest, route of accomplishing such dreams.
GRAVITY is the reason why Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Ecko, Richard Branson, Kanye West, and countless other visionaires dropped out of school.
How does gravity work in these cases?
Instead of attending business classes, Zuckerberg and Gates detected problems in society for which they had solutions for. In order to create these solutions (Microsoft, Facebook), they had to realize that the material being taught at school was outdated, and they had to resort to the path of self education in order to create their empires.
School does NOT teach innovation. It does NOT teach sales. It does NOT teach creativity. The fact is that all that time you’re spending in class with your nose buried in useless material, you could be using that time instead to educate yourself on what actually works and create actual change in the world.
Gravity affects your dreams in the sense that you have an idea. The birth of this idea is orgasmic, and it calls upon your attention night and day.
This idea consumes you.
It is all you can think about.
And suddenly, you find yourself thinking more about the idea than you are about your grades.
It is at this point that you make a decision:
You can
a) listen to the gravity of the situation and fall straight into your idea
b) ignore the idea and focus on your grades. you’ll finish up school and then focus on the idea once you’ve graduated.
c) Go after both school and the idea. The problem with C is that you’re going to amass a ton of debt from schooling, and your degree will be considered worthless upon graduation.
Most people either go after option b. A few people go after c. Almost nobody dives straight into their idea.
Now, let’s push school aside for a second and focus instead on gravity.
When we know that there is a simpler way to do something, we tend to avoid the more difficult way. We tend to gravitate toward simplicity, and if we could gather the balls to follow such simplicity, we would make huge advancements in our lives and in the lives of others.
In the face of danger, we do not pull out calculators and solve calculus problems if a simpler way to escape the danger is accessible.
Gravity is simplicity.
And if more people followed simplicity, they would have greater abundance and joy in their lives.
Right now, there is one major thought going on in my mind: “I already know what I want to do. And I know that it can be done without school. Why am I even going?”
I have a feeling that i am about to make a major choice, but that choice will only be made once I’ve fully fallen into my gravity. I think I’m almost there…I think I’m almost there.
You no longer need to be afraid to think outside of the box because, the truth is, the world outside of the box is where reality actually is. Everything inside of the box is crumbling and becoming obsolete. True effectiveness is in results. That is where true power lies as well. Why walk when you can drive?
It makes no sense to pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into abstraction when that same money could be used to change the planet.

“There are two decisions you need to come to in order to be free and to be more effective. First is that you are not entitiled to ANYTHING in this world until you create value for another human being first. Second, you are 100 percent responsible for producing results. No one else. if you adopt these two views, you will go far.”” – The Education of Millionaires, page 200

Do not be afraid to make mistakes; mistakes are an integral part of our journeys. School punishes us for our mistakes, it teaches us that mistakes are wrong and that they should be avoided at all costs. But, there is no growth without mistakes, and if we are afraid to make mistakes, we will never be able to make an impact on the world.
Simplicity rules over everything, and if you can find a simpler way to do something, why not go for it?
If you can create something that makes life simpler for someone else, you will make an older way obsolete.
It is only through this simplicity that society can evolve, and it is only through gravity that we can listen that simplicity.
So, I have this vision in my mind.
I have this vision of what it was like for Zuckerberg to listen to his gravity, what it was like for Gates to listen to his, for Kanye to listen to his, for Steve Jobs to listen to his gravity; if you look closely, you will realize that nothing super “special” separated these men from the rest of the world.
The only thing that made them truly unique was that they were honest with themselves, and they decided to truly let go and listen to their gravity. Their gravity taught them how to carry out and achieve their goals in ways school could never have taught them, and their gravity brought forth within them the simplest manner to achieve such goals.
My message to you is that you no longer need to be afraid of change. You must only fear stagnation. Do not fear being different. Do not be afraid to learn of better and newer ways. And if you know of a better way to achieve a certain goal, why would you waste time taking the long route?
Life is too short for bullshit.
Truth be told, no matter what path you walk, you will be answering to the call of Gravity; that gravity will either be yours or someone else’s.
If it were my choice (and it is), I’d like to listen to the call of my own gravity.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, make as many as you can. I guarantee you that as long as you let yourself be guided by that gravity of yours, you could make a billion mistakes along the way and you will still make a greater impact on the world than you would if you followed the “conventional” way.
Fire turned into ovens.
Ovens turned into microwaves.
Horses turned into cars.
Storytellers turned into television sets.
Letters turned into e-mails.
Morse code turned into cell phones.
The older forms have become obsolete; why the fuck are we still following public education?
Welcome to the 21st century where man has the ability to have greater riches than has ever been able to access in all of human history. So, when you go out to follow your dreams, and you find that there is a simpler way to go about achieving your success, go for it. If that means dropping out of school or quitting work, go for it.
Does what I am saying sound too controversial to you?
It should only sound controversial if simpler forms of achieving success did not exist, but they do.
And if they do exist, why follow the more difficult path?
The power of this gravity is tremendous. It’s funny how I had planned my entire life out (literally. I have documents, charts, lists, etc). I planned everything out.
The planning led me to a GREAT clarity. In my plans, i had written out about how I was going to get a PhD in Philosophy, a PhD in Physics, and a degree in some other stuff (I can’t let you know all of my plans now, can I?).
All of this just to have “credentials” and “prestige”. But, as prestigious as all of this sounds, it’s not very ‘effective’ in the sense of real world results and applications.
So, i had planned everything out. And i was set. I was going to get all of these degrees, and then the nature of Gravity led my perceptions to simpler ways to reach these goals. And, the simpler ways showed me that I did not need to have a PhD in philosophy in order to my philosophies to be effective and to make an impact on people; the very fact that you are reading this post stands as proof.
Furthermore, i did not need a PhD in physics just to wrap peoples heads around the marvels of physics, and i have done so in this message as well with the laws of the universe.
Now, true, I may not ever be able to teach physics or philosophy, but my goal is not to become a teacher.
Today, the only real reason to get a college degree is if you are going to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, professor, pharmacist, or teacher. Otherwise, every other path can be reached FAR more effectively through methods I have described in other posts and methods I will refer to in future posts. And, best of all, you wont have to get into hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of school debt in order to have the lifestyle you desire. Making $100k per year is VERY possible using simple marketing strategies that, unfortunately, are not taught in school. But, these strategies, fortunately, are available at book stores for 10 dollars! Just pick up a book by Dan Kennedy.
Since I’m not becoming a professor, why do I need a PhD in physics?
Look, my overall goal is a secret, but here is what I’ll tell you: I’m here to make a dent in the universe. My passion is to create visionaries; I want to take people out of the darkest reaches of their minds into absolution by showing them what they are capable of if only they would find themselves. I want to help people discover their life purpose and what makes them truly tick. It is only by facing our darkness that we truly get to see the brightest light.
Once I knew what my exact outcome was in life, I was able to find the simplest ways to achieving these outcomes, and school seemed to become less and less important. Mind you, I’m still in school, but the beauty is that I am no longer seeing school as a crutch; rather, I am falling into my own gravity. And, I know that the path I am walking is FAR more effective than school.
I’m going to stop the motor of the world.
There is nothing “mystical” here. Rather, it is all factual evidence; we have created systems today that make life a million times easier than it has ever been. And, as we become aware of all these advancements, we naturally want to take these simpler ways. It’s called leverage. It’s called being tactful. It’s called taking an airplane across the atlantic ocean as opposed to taking a canoe; sure, both ways will get you across, but what is more efficient? Obviously, you’ll take the plane.
If I were to CLEARLY explain the concept of gravity, I would say it in these terms:
There is more than one way to skin a cat. School will teach you the conceptual way, the way that really isn’t the most practical, nor is it remotely efficient, nor is it even guaranteed to work. Gravity is common sense knocking on your forehead saying, “Dude, there’s a better way. Why are you doing it the lame way? If you wanna get this done, do it in the way that gets you the results the quickest. Life is too short to be wasted.”As it stands, we have come a FAR WAY from the Stone Age. We have come this far due to man’s desire for simplicity of life. Steve Jobs dropped out of college because he saw that, even though school had certain merits, the economy of the world was completely changing. He knew he had a desire to change the world, and that desire could not be fulfilled through traditional schooling. He detected a problem with the computers in the world, and he had a dream of a way of fixing that problem. Gravity showed him two paths:
1. Stay in school, get a degree, and push your dream aside.
2. Drop out of school. Your dream is too important. There is already a wealth of knowledge out there that you can indulge yourself in that, if you take it in, it will turn you into a multibillionaire and one of the most influential men the world has ever known. There is nothing mystical about this. It’s just that the knowledge you are learning in school, except for some caligraphy that you will use to create fonts for computers and revolutionize typing, will not help you at all. There is greater gravity in you finding knowledge that will help you build your empire. Coincidentally, that knowledge does not exist in school; therefore, the gravity exists in a realm that will cause you to leave school. The choice is yours.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma–which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs, Commencement address, Stanford University, June 12, 2005

So, my friend, it is GRAVITY that causes the greatest change. We have desires, and those desires can be achieved in a myriad of ways. Gravity exists in the way that is most effective for carrying out that desire. If all we did was aspire for greater affectiveness and simplicity, we would be able to weed out all the bullshit that’s getting in the way and create true greatness in the world.
So, now I am going to leave you with some action steps. If you follow these steps, you too will be able to cut through all the bullshit and face a reality guided by your own dreams.
1. Know your outcome. I couldn’t “fall into my gravity”, i couldn’t find the simplest way towards my goals until I had known exactly what outcome I wanted in my life. Be honest about what you truly desire.
2. Once you are honest about this outcome, your mind will have a way to sort out all of the bullshit and show you what you REALLY want out of all that you have declared.
3. It is here that you will be shown glimpses of a more effective path. And it is at this moment that you must make the choice. Will you go the conventional, outdated, route, or will you fall into your gravity?
In order to get to step 1, though, you need to face your darkness and discover your purpose. I can’t teach you that here, but my book sure can. Stay tuned, because I’m still writing it.
– Numair
P.S.: Definitely leave your comments below! I’ll respond personally =)

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