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Today, we discuss Einstein’s relativity and how it opened up the doors to the Quantum Universe. Understanding this interplay gives you an interesting perspective when you realize that consciousness and identity take place in both the Newtonian and Einsteinian models of existence.

We start with Newton’s laws of motion and his universal law of gravity. We put these laws in play on the Newtonian grid where time, space, and matter move relatively to one another, and that everything is calculable and predictable.

Then we move onto Faraday’s studies of electromagnetism, Maxwell’s understanding that Electromagnetism are one and the same when encountered at Light Speed (670 Million mph), and this sets the stage for addressing Einstein’s question: “What is light?”

Einstein came to understand that light is the absolute reference point of the universe, and that instead of things operating in reference to a grid, everything operated in reference to light. We need to understand this in order for us to appreciate the quantum universe.

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