False Prophets: Practice What You Preach

//False Prophets: Practice What You Preach

False Prophets: Practice What You Preach

The internet gives people more power than ever before in any time in history.
We can literally connect to people all over the worlds.
Because of the anonymity of the internet, however, there are many hypocritical gurus in the world.
I call these people false prophets.
This is the age of reason and truth.
Anybody who lies about his or her ability will soon be cast out of society.
As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “The Cream always rises to the top.”
And, it will.
You might have the right intentions on starting a business of some sort in order to generate cash.
Hell, you might even be trying to start a blog.
You must practice what you preach. You must be so good at what you do that the lessons you teach the world come out naturally from within.
There are SO many blogs out there that are run by people who stimulate their entries by posting youtube video after youtube video. These people generally get no traffic.
Then, there are the people who have somewhat outsmarted the system.
They appear as gurus. They seem to be saying the right stuff, they seem to be teaching the right principles.
But, keep a lookout for such a person,
At first, it’s hard to tell if the person is honest. Just realize that the cream always rises to the top.
People like Anthony Robbins have made success an INTEGRATED part of their lives. He certainly practices what he preaches.
Then, there are other people who simply regurgitate something they read somewhere else and then try to present it to you in their own words.
You can spot these people because their posts are generic. Their wisdom, many times, stays at the post, and it treads no further. Many times, they hire ghostwriters to do their work, because they have no idea about their topic. They want somebody else to do the work for them.
Be aware of such people. They don’t know about their subject, so they hire somebody else to do their work for them.
Now, I HAVE ghostwritten before, and I can honestly tell you that a lot of times, the person who hires me just wants the credit.
I don’t believe such people will make it very far in their lives.
As long as your source of power comes from another person’s labor, you are forever tied to that person. In every sense, that person has power over you, even though she may be the laborer.
It is so easy to fall into the trap of becoming a false prophet because on the path toward success, many people want the cheap way out. Let’s discuss how you can also avoid being a false prophet.

Make Your Own Material

We all have our weaknesses. Some of us can write really well, others of us have incredible radio personalities, there are those who were made for television, and the list goes on.
It is best to know both your strengths and weaknesses.
The one thing I see many people do is hire ghostwriters.
It is FINE to hire a ghostwriter, but it is very easy to fall into the lure of hiring one just for prestige.
Here are some tips:

  • Make sure the idea is yours.
  • Make sure you KNOW everything about your idea.
  • Do all of the research beforehand.
  • Communicate with your writer frequently.
  • The writer’s job is just to take your information and give it a written voice. If he or she has to do all of the research and then put together the work, there is a good chance it may sell; however, it will not be congruent with who you are. It is so easy to fall into such a trap. People will spot you as a fake eventually.

Don’t hire a ghostwriter just so that you can have some books under your belt that you can share with the world.
The cream always rises to the top.
And, over time, all liars are exposed.

Stick to Your Expertise

There is a whole lot of stuff that you don’t know, and that’s PERFECTLY fine.
As long as you are a human, you can be assured that there will always be more of what you don’t know than what you do know.
Stick to what you do know, however. Teach what you practice, practice what you preach.
People are coming to you for guidance because they see you as an expert.
You, who are the expert, must be living the lifestyle that you are trying to get others to live.
It’s as simple as that.
The desire of success is great, and the wits of men few and far between.
Can you be truthful to your calling?
Can you be honest and be congruent with your soul?
There are so many snake oils salesmen out there. Are you one of them?
Any lifestyle that is not built upon a foundation of truth is surely destined to crumble.
I practice everything I preach on my blog.
This is why you my posts are unique. I challenge authority by establishing my own.
There is something within you that is also yours, there is something inside of you that is also unique, there is something inside of you that could change the face of the world if you let it come out.
Look within yourself and gather your resources. Teach what you know.
The world is wanting to hear.

Be Original

There are SO many regurgitated, rehashed, postings on the web. Google has done a phenomenal job at weeding out plagiarists and copycats.
Do you want fame? Do you want fortune? Do you want accolades? Do you want bling bling?
It is okay if you have a similar niche as somebody else.
I, for instance, am in personal development.
I am aware that some of my ideas may be similar to others; however, my content is completely original. I type everything myself.
Matter of fact, most of my posts are products of inspiration- they just come to me.
This is how I get to fuse my soul with everything I teach.
I aim to make people rethink the way they live their lives. I know there is a lot of generic garbage out there. I focus on none of it by applying to this blog what I have learned myself through my own experiences.
I’ve learned a lot through successes and attempts at success (there are no failures).
What are the lessons you would love to share with the world?
Don’t worry about money. If you work from the heart, money will come.
Be original, be daring, be you.

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