HOT and DANGEROUS…but alone?- How to Find Mr. Right

//HOT and DANGEROUS…but alone?- How to Find Mr. Right

HOT and DANGEROUS…but alone?- How to Find Mr. Right

So, you can’t find the right guy, huh?
People say you’re pretty, but you feel ugly as hell, right?
You were only a few pounds away from your “perfect weight”, so you decided to burn it off.
And once you burned it off, you found yourself lonelier than ever.
Ladies and gentlemen, this post is for the gorgeous women out there.
Fat chicks get too much attention, anyway.
Plain and simple: HOTNESS SCARES MEN AWAY.

The Syndrome

It’s a strange situation we’ve got here. Generally speaking, every woman wants to be gorgeous. But, does being gorgeous come with a price tag of loneliness? It seems like girls who are in less-than-satisfactory (this is me being nice here, lol) shape tend to get a lot more attention than do girls with runway figures.

Now, now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Hot girls get hit on all the time!”

– Yeah, sure. At the club.

But, when is the last time you saw a gorgeous woman being approached by a man in a setting such as a university, a library, the park, etc? Sure, it happens, but it’s very rare.

Many women tend to lose a lot of self esteem due to such instances. It’s just that over years, they begin to think that no man finds them attractive. Clubs simply don’t count, because guys hit on anything that moves when they’re inside of clubs.

But to truly find a man who resonates with you seems to be a difficult task.

Here is what you gotta realize:

Men are scared.

If you’ve been spending countless hours at the gym, and you’ve gotten into the best shape of your life, but you only seem to be finding losers, it’s most likely because the higher quality men are too intimidated to approach you.

Guys simply are too intimidated to approach hot women outside of clubs and bars.

Hell, even at clubs and bars, guys tend to avoid the hottest women because of social stigmas.

Generally speaking, if we’re not approaching you and you look drop dead gorgeous, there are probably a few reasons (and, by “reasons”, i mean excuses we make to not approach you. These are not actualities, but just fears we have.):

1. You are gorgeous, so you must be taken. Hot women can’t be single. It just doesn’t seem right.

2. Hot women are bitches. We don’t want our self esteem to get hurt.

3. If you are taken, we don’t want your boyfriend to kick our ass.

4. “There is no way a girl like that would ever want anything to do with a guy like me.”

5. All of the above

The sad reality is that in most cases, the answer really is All of the Above.

That answer may have worked really well in high school, but it sure as hell doesn’t work well here.

But, have no fear.

I can confidently say to you this much: Don’t give a shit about those guys.

You worked your ass off to get the stunning looks that you have, and you certainly don’t want to settle for some chump.

You want someone who ideally suits you, someone who complements your drive.

Your looks are a way to weed out the real men from the sissies.

But, here we run into a major problem.

You…are looking for a rarity…a cowboy.

So, Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

The real man is a dying breed, and you have to be LUCKY in order to find one.
The funny thing, though, is that a real man is still very, very, easy to find.
But, it takes a special kind of woman to find him.
The real question isn’t about the existence of cowboys.
Rather, the question we should be asking is “Am I mature enough for a real man?”.
Let me explain.

Gorgeous Women are only Halfway There

What the hell were you thinking when you decided to become gorgeous? Did you think that the man of your dreams would just come by and sweep you off your feet?
Hell, even if you were born gorgeous, that does not make you exempt.
It’s like hot women just seem to think that the right man will magically appear on their doorstep like a fucking jug of morning bottled milk.
The truth is that obnoxiously attractive women are only halfway towards completion.
Let me explain.
Fat girls have nothing much going for them physically, so they spend a lot of their lives developing their personalities. Fat girls generally have amazing personalities, and they are generally well liked and accepted by most of the world- for their personalities. If a girl is moderately in good shape, but she has a great heart, many men will overlook certain features and give her the benefit of the doubt. But, even a fat girl is halfway there because she lacks the physical components…
Big black boots. . .long brown hair.

So, then, being hot isn’t enough either. Hell, you could be a victoria’s secret runway model, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you will still have trouble finding the right man. And, even if you do find him, you won’t keep him for long.
The right man is rare because he is complete in-and-of himself. He doesn’t need anyone to complete him, he has his life together, and he is established. He is a leader of men, he is well respected, and he is a protector of loved ones. He is very secure in his self image, and he takes very good care of himself. Women may consider him hot, but he is both hot inside and out; therefore, I have NO idea why so many women think that they can just be half-done and find the right man.
The right man, the Alpha male, is on a quest to find the right woman. Sure, he may sleep with you if you’re hot, but that does not mean he will stay around. The real man wants a woman who is stunning both inside and out.
If you’re gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, but you seem to be having a hard time finding the right man, it may very well be that you’ve been using your beauty as a crutch most of your life. Instead, focus more on your brains.
If you really want to learn how to fully integrate yourself into an exotic specimen that’s completely balanced on all levels, read King Warrior Magician Lover. The book is cheap, and you can read it tonight if you download the free kindle app at It’s sooooo worth it.
This will teach you what it means to be a fully integrated person is society. A must read. If you really want to know what it takes to be the type of woman a real man wants, read my Alpha Woman post at the following link:
Honestly, I hate to say it, but if you want to find the right man, you are going to have to become the right woman.
We attract into our lives the very things that we are internally.
The type of woman you are will attract the type of woman that complements you. If you are ever to find Mr. Right, you have to be Ms. Right.

Key Components and Characteristics of the Right Woman

1. Passion: You NEED to be passionate about something in your life beyond your physical appearance. The real woman is one who knows her purpose in life, and a gorgeous woman who knows her purpose is the rarest of all catches. She is the Cleopatra that history books will write about. In the end, there has to be something that’s pulling at you from the inside. You need to find your calling. True, you can try to cut corners and just find things to settle for, but that won’t male you into the most evolved woman you can be. UnfoldingDestiny isn’t about half-assing life. Find your calling, whatever it may be, and stick to it.
2. READ. Don’t be like Snookie and go through life just having read 2 books. That won’t cut it. There’s a device in my mind called the Douche-Meter, and it seems like there is a very strong correlation between douchebags and lack of reading. It seems like the less books you’ve read, the more of a douchebag a person tends to be. Now, of course, I’m just being a jerk right now, but the fact still stands that reading will take you far. Reading gives you more to talk about, it gives you greater depth. The real man does not want some single-faceted brainless slut. Expand your horizons. And, please, sex novels- sorry, romance novels- don’t cut it. Read about your purpose, read about the world, read philosophy, read some self help, read anything that will build you into a multifaceted woman. You don’t have to read about everything, but do read about the things that matter most to you. Here’s the biggest hint: The Alpha Male, the real man, knows his passion in life, and most of his reading materials deal with such things. If you find your passion, you will automatically know what things to read. If you really don’t know your passion, just try to build up your reading lists anyway, and just stretch your mind.
3. PEOPLE SKILLS. Face it: You are gonna grow old some day. Your boobs will sag, you’re gonna fart in your sleep, your skin’s gonna start to wrinkle, and you’re gonna find “pull my finger” jokes funny. Being a bitch now will get you nowhere far in life. You’re just going to end up one lonely, depressed, woman. Learn people skills. There are three books you absolutely MUST read before you die when it comes to such skills:

– How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. This book will change your life. Don’t be disuaded by the title. Thrust your ego aside and just look into it. Mr. Right will expect that you will have the skills in this book as a natural asset of your characteristics. Do a quick search on google, and you will find this book to be one of the most recognized books in the world. Don’t be that douche that says, “Oh, I have plenty friends. I don’t need a book that teaches me how to make them.” You’re not even getting the point if you say that. The book is about having the type of personality that will take you to the highest levels of life. Fucking read it.

– Pulling Your Own Strings by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This book is on the complete opposite end of How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book is about being completely assertive in life. It teaches you how not to be fucked over by people. It teaches you how to have confidence in your own resolve, and it teaches you how to stop comparing yourself to others for your self esteem. This is a phenomenal book, and it is just as important as the other. No man wants a pushover for a wife. This book will seriously transform you into a Femme Fatale.

– Psychocybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, MD. This book is in the dead center of the two, and it will teach you the most effective way of achieving the life of your dreams. It will teach you how to turn your thoughts into a complete and utter reality. You will need this book to bring life to every corner of your life. No, that was not a typo; I really did say that this book will bring life to every corner of your life. I couldn’t think of any other way to say it. Don’t judge the book by it’s title. It’s actually a very simple read. This will teach you how to become unstoppable inside and out.

4. Secure Self Image: Yes, I understand that women are emotional creatures, and that cannot really be helped for the most part. Men actually love that women are emotional. But the woman of the highest quality is secure in her image, and she will never do anything to harm herself. This all comes from having a positive mental attitude. Get rid of your anxiety without medications. Just, learn to adopt a very cool, suave, hip, inner attitude. Approach life with a smile, and know that everything will be alright. Breathe. Forgive and forget. Let the past go, and just move on. All the advice about detachment and going with the flow you’ve learned throughout your life applies here. But, how do we go about doing such things? I recommend that you read the four books I recommended, and you should also practice meditation. Meditation will allow you to break free of you negativity, and it will place you into a much happier place. If you hate meditation, then just practice becoming more appreciative of yourself overall. Furthermore, try to help others get what they want out of life. If you can improve others’ lives in some way, you will inevitably feel better about yourself.

In the End…

The woman of the highest quality is a source of inspiration. She takes care of her body, and she spreads joy into others’ lives.
She is a woman of passion.
If you want to find the right man, if you want to find the highest quality man, you are going to have to be the highest quality woman. There are no shortcuts here.
C’mon, you’re already gorgeous. Would it really hurt you that much to pick up a fucking book and read something that could change your life?
Find your passion, live your life.
The right man will see you from a mile away, and you will have the life that most women only dream of.
Also, read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.

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  1. 007080 January 17, 2011 at 2:26 pm - Reply

    What instigated this message? lol

  2. Allen January 17, 2011 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    Welcome back to the fray Numair! Good article. I think this goes for both sexes……that we need to be well rounded and attractive on the inside and the outside too. The world is a lonely place indeed and if more people would cultivate their minds and souls as well as their physical appearance, I think they would be happier overall.

    • Numair Qureshi January 17, 2011 at 9:30 pm - Reply

      ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re back too! I missed you, man. It’s so awesome to see you back. Right, the article does apply to both sexes. People really should cultivate their minds. And, this is what this blog is for. =)
      I have a fantastic idea that I am going to implement very soon. I am going to be holding podcasts with people who have written books- authors who aren’t very well known yet who would agree to a free podcast. I could give them publicity on this website, and we can share the information from their lives straight on this blog.
      I had to take a hiatus to reassess my life, and things are looking good. I hope things have gotten better for you as well. Thanks for your kind words, and I hope to see you here again.
      If you have a facebook, definitely hit the “like” button on the article, and try to spread my website to whoever you know. It would help so much.
      – Numair

  3. Allen January 17, 2011 at 11:41 pm - Reply

    Wow. I like the podcast idea mucho! And yes, things are looking good over here too. Let’s keep the momentum going!!

  4. Denise May 27, 2011 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    Another great article – as Allen said, it does apply to both sexes. I’ve been married for 17 years, and my “criteria” if you will, is what you described above – applied to males. Thankfully, we were both at the same place in our lives, we’d both spent some alone time putting the work into ourselves.

    • Numair Qureshi May 30, 2011 at 11:51 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Denise. Yes, it equally applies to both sexes. It’s really important that people continue to grow and improve themselves. We need to constantly be aiming for higher and higher plateaus and visions.

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