The Alpha Woman

//The Alpha Woman

The Alpha Woman


The Alpha Woman is symbol of the perfect woman. She is the femme fatale, the dark seductress, the siren that lures men into the greatest depths of our imaginations.

But, who is she?

She is so rare, but any man can recognize her without being told that she is an Alpha Male.

Women envy her. Men crave her.

I believe, at some deep unconscious level, every woman is striving to become the femme fatale, and every man strives to become the perfect man.

At birth, these drives are embedded deeply into our instincts. It is up to our parents to bring the best of these qualities out of us so that we may grow into them.

Sadly, most parents are broken, and they themselves have never reached true manhood and womanhood. How could they teach their kids what it means to be a fully developed person? It is the inherent goal of every single baby girl to develop into the absolute greatest woman she can become; however, there are many environmental and mental triggers that prevent her from reaching such fruition.

The biggest reason is that most women do not have full insight as to who the perfect woman is. Human beings are an odd species in that we measure our greatness in comparison to the people we surround ourselves with most often; therefore, if we hang around a bunch of lazy people, and we are just slightly more active, we think that we are superior- we feel that we are the symbol of hard work.

This is certainly not the case. It just means that you are only greater due to direct comparison.

At a greater degree than symbolism, however, lays archetypal congruence, and we’ll discuss this shortly.

There are many things that must be brought to focus now, however, that take precedence.

Let’s start with the biggest reason as to why we want to achieve Alpha Status.

We Do Everything for Sex

Psychological studies have shown us that there are two reasons for any sort of action we take in life. Just two.
1. To gain pleasure.
2. To avoid pain.
The avoidance of pain is usually a much stronger motivator than the pursuit of pleasure. Most people take action in order to avoid an undesired outcome.
For example, let’s discuss weight loss.
If we have an obese woman weighing in at 350 pounds, there is a good chance that she is constantly thinking about losing her weight.
There is great pleasure in being fit. When our bodies are fit, we have more confidence, we feel sexier, and we look sexier.
All of these, and many more, are excellent reasons for the woman to lose weight.
If the woman loses her weight, she will get:

  1. More masculine attention.
  2. More confidence.
  3. More respect.
  4. More power.
  5. A longer life.
  6. Better relationships.
  7. Greater intimacy.

All of these reasons are linked to the pleasure principle- that when we desire to attain a goal, it is to gain a certain pleasure.

So, why hasn’t the woman lost weight yet despite all of the fantastic results she could get?

In order to understand, we must look at the pain principle- that, many of our actions are taken in order to avoid pain.

What kind of pain would be involved in losing weight?

  1. She would have to have access to a gym.
  2. he would have to exercise.
  3. She would have to diet.
  4. She wants her results to be INSTANTANEOUS, which will never happen. The lack of instant gratification infuriates her.
  5. She feels that taking time out of her busy life in order to exercise can mess up her busy work flow.

As you can see, in the short term, the pain outweighs the pleasure.
Losing weight will cause her to change her lifestyle, and people hate change; therefore, she’ll just resort to positive mental imagery and try to boost her self esteem through mental efforts.
She’ll start believing in things such as “true beauty is on the inside”.
Sayings such as these are absolutely true, but they are only half right, because your body is the reflection of your soul. The level of respect you have for yourself shows in your body.
Deeper than the two principles is one leading principle which is linked to why we do anything in life.


We do everything for sex.
Let’s examine some goals people have in order to best illustrate this point.

1. Weight Loss: This is clearly linked to sex. The sexier your body is, the better chances for mating you have.
2. Monetary Wealth: More money leads to more resources, which lead to a loftier lifestyle, which all lead to power. Power shows that your genes will not be weeded out of existence, that you have the means to support a family. This opens you up to more mating opportunities. Is it any coincidence that women perceive powerful men as sexy?
3. Becoming a Better Fighter: The fame and glory attached to becoming a world class fighter are also linked to a sexual drive. Glory, fame, and the ability to protect are all sexually attractive to women because of the hardwiring in their genetics. We’ll get more onto this later.
4. Reading: Is it an accident that there are more women who read book than there are men, and that the books that hold the greatest market share are romance novels?
5. Eating: We eat so that we may survive, and we survive so that we may reproduce.
According to The Read Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature by Matt Ridley:

When we study sage grouse or elephant seals in their natural habitat, we can be fairly sure that they are striving to maximize their long-term reproductive success. But it is much more difficult to make the same claim for human beings. People strive for something, certainly, but it is usually money or power or security or happiness. The fact that they do not translate these into babies is raised as evidence against the whole evolutionary approach to human affairs. But the claim of evolutionists is not that these measures of success are today the tickets to reproductive success but that they once were. Indeed, to a surprising extent they still are. Successful men remarry more frequently and more widely than unsuccessful ones, and even with contraception preventing this from being turned into reproductive success, rich people still have as many or more babies as poor people. [Page 243]

To understand the sex drive, we must look at genetics.
Before the huge population boom we had in the past century, most of human history consisted of populations varying between the high hundred thousands to the low millions. For much of human history, the most people to ever populate earth were in the low millions.
Before sanitation and medicinal breakthroughs came into the picture, the average lifespan was roughly 35 years- and that’s if you were lucky. In the wilderness, we had to be able to quickly spot out food. Color allowed us to distinguish food from its settings much more easily.
Our eyesights also evolved to allow us to determine whether a certain person could be a potential mate for us.
Big breasts were a sign of fertility. The bigger the breasts were, the better the sign of the mother’s health. It meant that if the woman and a man mated, she would have a greater chance of having a baby and still being alive after the baby’s birth.
Wide hips and narrow waists represented greater chances of reproduction as well. Wide hips and narrow waists meant that the woman was healthy enough and strong enough to deliver the baby without any harm. As a result, such characteristics triggered attraction mechanisms in males who sought out to find the best mate possible. According to the Red Queen,

There has been no genetic change since we were hunter-gathers, but deep in the mind of the modern man is a simple male hunter-gatherer rule: Strive to acquire power and use it to lure women who will bear heirs; strive to acquire wealth and use it to buy other men’s wives who will bear bastards. It began with a man who shared a piece of prized fish or honey with an attractive neighbor’s wife in exchange for a brief affair and continues with a pop star ushering a model into his Mercedes. From fish to Mercedes, the history is unbroken: via skins and beads, plows and cattle, swords and castles. Wealth and power are means to women: women are means to genetic eternity. [Page 244]

The reason I bring male studies into this article is that in order to achieve the highest level of femininity possible, both genders must be studied.
Every action we take, in the long run, is related to the pursuit of reproduction so that our genes are not exiled out of existence.

The Manliness of Womanhood

Due to faulty parenting, societal ignorance, and gender inequalities, we have been taught to strip away the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves; men are supposed to be more absolutely masculine, and women are supposed to be absolutely feminine.
Biologically speaking, however, there is another story.
The chemical for femininity is estrogen.
The chemical for masculinity is testosterone.
Yet, bot sexes have both chemicals.
Females have more estrogen than testosterone, and men have more testosterone than estrogen; however if either chemical is completely depleted from either sex, there are substantial dangers that result which are beyond the scope of this article.
The Alpha woman is one that has united both feminine and masculine roles within herself.
It’s like Yin and Yang.  It’s time to now harmonize.
Awareness of such knowledge is the next step toward achieving Alpha Woman status.
If a woman has no masculinity, she is considered weak, a pushover, and nobody will have respect for her.
She offers no drive, no chase, no adventure, and is considered a bore. No matter how attractive she may be outwardly, her incompleteness will end up driving people away.

Brains vs. Body

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Sadly, it is the most wasted tool in the world.
People love to focus on the level of observation by manipulating the things that they can experience via the five senses.
These include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical changes: Makeup, haircuts, body enhancements, hair dye, musculature, physique, etc.
  • Material Changes: new cars, new houses,  new clothes, new televisions, new stereos, etc.
  • Career Changes: Moving up in the workplace, starting a job, getting fired, etc.
  • Relationship changes: divorce, marriage, new boyfriend, new girlfriend, etc.

People are so preoccupied with what’s on the surface that they forgo anything that deals with a more internal nature.
The mind is important. I believe it is more important than the body, because the body is just a projection of the mind anyway.
If you want to know whether a woman has respect for herself, look at her body.
Beyond the body, though, there are many, many realms that exist within the psyche of an Alpha Woman which must be revealed.
Every woman has a body, but flesh does not mean anything if there is no soul behind it.
Yes, it is true that a completely dull woman can get to the highest levels of society just by having a visually pleasing body- porn stars do it all the time-, but that does not make her an Alpha Woman.
A woman’s status is primarily derived from her looks, but her looks are superficial compared to her mind.
The body is still very important, and we’ll get to that eventually, but I have to address the mind now.

Queen, Warrior, Magician, Lover

Carl Jung was one of the greatest minds to have ever graced its presence to the world.
One of the gifts he brought us was his teaching of archetypes.
He believed there was a vast network of thoughts that connected every single human being in existence.
He named this network the Collective Unconscious.
It was in this higher level of existence that our dreams and symbols existed.
Jung believed that the messages that entered our dreams came to us from the collective unconscious.
Archetypes also existed in this realm.
Archetypes are the symbols of what man can potentially achieve in life.
Four of the archetypes Jung discovered were the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover archetypes.
These related to masculinity.
He taught that every single newborn boy had all four of these archetypes embedded in his unconscious, and that it was up to the father to bring these archetypes out in order that they may reach absolute fruition.
Every girl also has four archetypes at birth.
Essentially, excepting the King, they are the same archetypes- King is replaced with Queen.
Children are supposed to have their archetypes brought out to fruition with the help of their parents; however, most parents are broken in the sense that their archetypes have never reached fruition, so they cannot raise their children accordingly.
I bring this knowledge to you now.
Queen: The Queen is a leader. She is able to give commands and have the commands respected. People listen to her, and they do as she says. On the dark side, she is unruly, a dictator, and is hated by all that follow her. A tyrant doesn’t get very far  in life. The Queen is benevolent, and she knows how to lead.
Warrior: The Warrior isn’t necessarily a fighter. The female warrior is a woman with a sense of purpose. She is not tied down to a man in servitude. Rather, she has her own goals, her own passions, her own desires. Even if she wants to be a stay at home mother, she must strive to be the best stay at home mother. She must read books on parenting, if that is her calling. If she has another calling instead, then she makes sure that her life revolves around that. The Queen leads others, but the warrior leads herself. Her goals come first before any relationship, and she lives for her own values, her own rules, her own desires. The dark side of the warrior is someone who goes out of her way to harm others. The pursuit of her goals actually destroy others. Do not be such a person. No matter what action you take, make sure that it is neither detrimental to you nor to others. Do what you love. Bonus points go to a woman who is able to defend herself. Ever see Iron Man 2? Scarlett Johansson definitely kicked some major tail in that movie!

Magician: Many tribes had a wise person. Shamans are the first people that come to my mind. A magician isn’t a spell caster, but, rather, someone who has vast stores of wisdom. As a magician, it is your job to know your life’s purpose, and then to learn absolutely everything about it. Be wise, and learn how to conduct knowledge so that it brings forth greater wisdom to the whole world. Learn to question. Question everything. Try to understand things in ways that others have not thought. You must constantly be an inventor, a pursuer of knowledge (see The Creator, The Follower, The Participator, and the Destroyer post). Many women give up their brains because their beauty suffices. Don’t play this silly game. Brains are important, and they will lead you toward a great independence. There are 9 levels of intelligence which’ll be discussed in another post. If you’re not good at math and science, DON’T WORRY- they only make up one of the 9. =)
Lover: Women seem to have this down pretty well. The lover archetype deals with being loving, and that is what women are at their cores. The problem arises when they try to find their love from sources outside of themselves. The dark side of the lover is one who has to sleep with tons of men in order to feel loved. The dark side also deals with women who bounce from relationship to relationship in order that they may find themselves. Dependency, excessive attachment, addiction, unworthiness, and low self esteem are all in the dark side of the lover. A woman with a healthy lover archetype is the hardest chase. Not only is she a leader (a queen) who has higher priorities in life (warrior) that she attends to diligently while learning the best she can about them (magician), she is also someone who is filled with love and is absolutely seeking a relationship; however, she will never settle for an ordinary man. For her, the only suitable man is a hero. She needs a man who is also a King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. Her love applies also the way she carries her life. She just never settles. “Acceptable” is unacceptable to her. She needs perfect.
The Alpha Woman is independent, self motivated, has a passion that makes her larger than life, knows how to lead a mission, and will never settle for anything less than her best.

The Body

America is one one of the fattest nations in the world as its people are becoming increasingly obese.
The four aforementioned archetypes deal with a woman’s soul. If a woman were to have those four archetypes in great harmony, then she would find amazing love throughout her life. She would have a lot of respect, and she would be unstoppable. A true lover also loves her body, so she would take care of her body as well. I could leave this post just at the archetypal section, and everything would be fine; however, I still wanted to clarify what makes an Alpha Woman’s body most desirable.

  • Weight: Different men like different sized women. The most attractive woman, however, is slender. This is obvious, and I shouldn’t really have to explain much over here. Your body is a reflection of yourself. Treat your temple right.
  • Physique: Toned. Don’t use plastic surgery, because that’s noticeable. REAL is always better than fake. I don’t think I have to explain any further here, so use your imagination. I believe those enhancements are done as a sign of insecurity. Mother nature always knows best. Love who you are.
  • Swagger: Walk with confidence. Confidence is everything. A confident woman is very, very attractive. If she walks with an air of confidence, it shows from miles away, and it is very seductive.
  • Face: You don’t need makeup, but if you use it, don’t let it clown up your face. Subtlety is amazing.
  • Hip to Waist Ratio: This comes naturally from having your physique handled. When your hips are wider than your waist, you naturally appear more attractive.

The body is very important, and Alpha Women take CARE of their bodies!

Attitudes and Characteristics

  • Hates following the crowd.
  • Does not put her lover first.
  • Articulate! She does not sound like she was raised in the ghetto. She places great care into how her words come across.
  • Independent. Does not need somebody to complete her.
  • A Thinker. She doesn’t take things at face value.
  • A Doer. Thinking can only get her so far. She must do.
  • Domineering. Nobody can control her.
  • Sexual. She acknowledges her sexual natural, and she is not afraid of it. But, she will never let anyone really know about this side of hers unless she meets a hero, her sexual counterpart.
  • Able to be dominated. As much as she loves to dominate, she also wans to be dominated. She wants to be broken down and destroyed, only to be nurtured back toward love. This can only be done by her Hero. It’s all part of the ecstasy.
  • Beautiful. Her mind and body are both beautiful. She does the best she can with her body, and her mind takes care of the rest.
  • Selective. She takes GREAT care in selecting her mates. Not just any lover will do. She needs a hero.
  • Fearless. The world will constantly try to place limitations on her, so she shuts the world by penetrating it with her fearless gaze.
  • Confident. She walks with confidence, she radiates confidence. She walks with her head held high.
  • Humble: She knows she’s great, and she doesn’t have to flaunt it. It naturally shows.
  • Knowledgeable: She doesn’t just read mindless drivel.

A purpose differs from a career. Anyone can follow anyone else and do the same everything everyone else is doing, but it takes a truly different person to defy society and do something that has never been done before. It takes a special person to be able to dance to her own heart’s beat.

Further Knowledge

  1. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore And Douglass Gillette: This book is where I got the Queen, Warrior, Magician, Lover archetypes. You need to read this book in order to get the absolute best understanding of the archetypes. Yes, it is written for men, but if you learned anything from this article, it should be that the Alpha Woman harmonizes the masculine and feminine attributes within herself.
  2. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida- Surprisingly, this book is actually written for both sexes and all sexualities. Deida didn’t want an awkward title, so he kept things simple. In any case, this book is absolutely brilliant, and it will thrust you greatly into your journey of becoming an Alpha Woman.
  3. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand: This is a fictional book, but it is one of the two books that changed my whole life. All men and women should read this. It radiates Alphaness, and women will learn a lot from its pages. It’s 694 pages, though, so you’re in for a nice long ride!
  4. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand: This is the second most influential book of all time after the Bible. It’s roughly a 1069 pages long. If you want to know about Alpha characteristics, read this book. Read it after The Fountainhead, though. This book will BLOW YOUR LIFE away.

Other books for consideration, books that I haven’t read, are:

  1. The Heroine’s Journey
  2. Descent to the Goddess
  3. The Goddess in Every Woman

Famous Examples

  • Cleopatra
  • Madonna
  • Ayn Rand
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Joan of Arc
  • Marie Curie
  • Rosa Parks
  • I would even have to say. . .Lady Gaga.
  • Mata Hari
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Jane Austen
  • Emily Dickinson

It’s ironic that some of the women on this list weren’t really all that beautiful, and some, like Dickinson, lived emotional lives. What makes these women Alpha Women is the fact that they pursued something greater than themselves. They did something that had never been done. Even if they failed in the process, such as Amelia Earhart, their passion dominated the world and they will all be remembered.
The mind is always stronger than the body.
What you do in love matters more than what you say.
If you were to totally disregard the body and just strive for excellence, you would be an Alpha Woman.
This article serves as an archetype, however, for the woman who desires to be the greatest Alpha Woman:
An Aphrodite with an equally beautiful Mind, and a purpose that comes first before anything else.

Final Words

As long as this article was, there are still a few questions left unanswered:

  1. What exactly constitutes a life purpose?
  2. How do we get the courage and confidence to defy society?
  3. How do we know whether or not we have found our purpose?
  4. What about the Alpha Male?

These are beyond the scope of this article; therefore, they will be left out.
A woman with a purpose is rare.
A woman with a purpose is everything.
Such women do exist, however.
It requires dedication to become an Alpha Woman.
It definitely does not happen by accident.
It definitely does not happen over night.
But, it does happen over time.
You just need a really big sexual drive and an ambition that strives for perfection and will never settle for anything less than excellence.
Respect your mind.
Respect your body.
Do what no other woman has ever done before.
This is the only way you will ever be remembered.


Moore, Robert L., and Douglas Gillette. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine. [San Francisco]: HarperSanFrancisco, 2001.
Mystery. The Mystery Method. New York, NY: St. Martin’s, 2006.
Ridley, Matt. The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature. New York: Perennial, 2003.

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