The Creator, The Follower, The Participator, and the Destroyer

//The Creator, The Follower, The Participator, and the Destroyer

The Creator, The Follower, The Participator, and the Destroyer

Ouroboros- The Archetype for Creation and Destruction. It constantly eats itself while regenerating.


Inspired by Carl Jung’s archetypal studies, conversations with friends, studying of human excellence, and other influences, I have constructed four personae, and I believe they are the foundation of all human advancement and regression. The personae have a light side and a dark side. The light side conducts the Hero’s Symphony. The dark side conducts the Villain’s Symphony. The person who can perform either symphony will have the power to push the world into a new age of enlightenment or havoc. The outcome is contingent on which symphony is conducted. Needless to say, the Hero’s symphony breeds order, and the Villain’s symphony breeds chaos.

Even more powerful than the person who is able to conduct either symphony is the person who is able to conduct both symphonies at will.
Realize that the universe exists in duality.
Without good, there is no evil.
Without ugliness, there is no beauty.
We are defined by opposition.
The person who can tread in the worlds of darkness and light will have the power of the Gods.
The Four Personae:
The Creator, the Follower, the Participator, and the Destroyer.
These personae are used to conduct both symphonies.
In order to conduct the Hero’s symphony, cater to the light side of each persona. Anything that caters to the light side is known as benevolent.
In order to conduct the Villain’s symphony, cater to the dark side of each persona. Anything that caters to the dark side is known as malevolent.
The personae have different names in either symphony.
The Hero’s Symphony:
The Benevolent Creator: The Dreamer
The Benevolent Follower: The Messenger
The Benevolent Participator: The Enhancer
The Benevolent Destroyer: The Supernova
The Villain’s Symphony:
The Malevolent Creator: The Sandman
The Malevolent Follower: The Snake
The Malevolent Participator: The Inflicter
The Malevolent Destroyer: The Undertaker

The Hero’s Symphony

The Dreamer: Somebody who walks a new path and discovers new knowledge. The dreamer is an inventor. It is only through dreaming do we have advancements in society. He is a constructive creator who creates for the benefit of society. This person does not necessarily have to make something new. His advancement could simply be a new observation that we had not been aware of before. The Dreamer could be someone who makes a new food, finds a new insect, writes an original book, and much, much, more. A Dreamer may also take preexisting inventions and combine them into something that has never before existed by taking the knowledge and transforming it into something original.
The Messenger: The dreamer needs a following. A following is simply a network on admirers who share the message of the creator. Through the power of a massive network, ideas are spread most quickly. In today’s day and age, it is absolutely vital for an idea to have a following in order that the idea may be spread. It is the role of the messenger to spread the dreamer’s idea throughout the vast reaches of the world so that all of humanity may more readily use it. Without the messenger, the Dreamer’s idea does not have enough force to change society, because nobody will know of its existence,
The Enhancer: When the inventor creates something new, he needs people to participate with the advancement of the creation. The people are known as the Enhancers. Enhancers differ from messengers in that they help the invention progress toward higher realms. For instance, Edison invented the light bulb; therefore, this is his sole creation. Anyone who improves upon the idea of the light bulb will be an Enhancer of advancement and ideas because the role of “benevolent creator” (the Dreamer)  has has already been established. As Enhancers of an idea, we can only make improvements, but we cannot claim ourselves to be the inventors, the Dreamers, of such idea. For instance, Edison was a Dreamer, because he invented the light bulb. Anyone who makes improvements to light bulb technology afterwards cannot ever be said to have invented the light bulb- he can only seen as an Enhancer of a preexisting idea. But, a title is just a title; therefore, do not make the stupid mistake in thinking that an Enhancer isn’t as important as a Dreamer. Enhancers make it possible for a Dreamer’s inventions to constantly have new forms and implications in an ever changing society. Without the adaptation that Enhancers provide, inventions such as the light bulb would never have advanced to the levels of use they exist in today’s times.
The Supernova: Creation is also a form of destruction. Whenever we create something new, something else must also be destroyed. The creator cannot exist without the destroyer. On the light side, the destroyer is known as the Supernova. The role of the Supernova is to tear down old avenues and ways. If the Dreamer is the birth of a new star, then the Supernova is the destruction of an old star which gives room for that new star to exist. The Supernova is also a Dreamer, but in a different sense. The destroyer walks into a setting with an image in his mind. He does not see things as they are, but he sees them as what they could become. And with that image in mind, he rips apart all that he sees in order that there may be space for something new to come. Without destruction, there can’t be creation. Even Edison had to destroy supplies in order that a bulb may be molded.

The Villain’s Symphony

The Sandman: This is the dark side of the creator’s mind. Anything the Sandman introduces to the world is detrimental to society. As great of a genius Einstein was, many could argue that he was exhibiting the trait of the Sandman when he helped invent the Atomic bomb which put many Japanese lives to rest. Torture devices, weapons, poisons, and drugs can all be seen as creations of the Sandman. While the Dreamer looks inside himself in order to find ways to wake up the world, the Sandman finds ways to put the world back to sleep.
The Snake: This is the dark side of the follower. You are a conformist, a copycat. You do not think on your own terms, and you are so clouded by what you follow that you have lost your identity in the process. You belong to a flock of sheep, and you are indistinguishable from anyone else. If you follow in the steps of the Sandman, you’re simply a parasite and your sole aim is to spread his or her reach through networking. A special kind of Snake is one who is the subordinate of a Dreamer. In such cases, the Snake is simply a traitor, a kiss ass, a leech. His role is to defile the role of the Dreamer and to spread false news so that the Dreamer may be led to a downfall- a Judas. In such a case where a Dreamer has a Snake as a follower, that snake is usually someone very close to him or her. Julius Caesar had Brutus. If you are a Dreamer, make sure that there is no Brutus amongst your followers. Usually, in circumstances where a Dreamer has a Snake as a follower, the the Snake is also linked to a Sandman; therefore, the Snake is also a rat. Needless to say, the Snake is also an active user of anything the Sandman invents- drugs, for example. The Messenger spreads the news of the Dreamer. The Snake spreads the malice of the Sandman, but he also keeps his eyes on the Dreamer and makes sure to send fallacious messages about the Dreamer’s gifts to the world. In all accounts, the Snake makes the malice of the Sandman known to the world.
The Inflicter: This is the dark side of the participator. As the Inflicter,, your sole aim to use, and improve, inventions for the purpose of evil. To the Sandman, you are a gift, because you will make his creations more dangerous. To the Dreamer, you are a vandal, because you will use his creations for the wrong purposes. A Snake will simply ruin reputations, infiltrate knowledge bases, gain trust, and then unjustly spread the information to dangerous areas. An Inflicter, however, will simply inject evil into any invention that it may inflict greater harm onto society. Instead of improving something that could have once helped mankind, the Inflicter will use the idea and make something that will create havoc. A fantastic example of Infliction can be seen in Nazi Germany. Zyklon B was an agent invented to be used as an insecticide; however, the Nazis used it in the concentration camps to gas millions of Jews to death.
The Undertaker: This is the dark side of the destroyer. The Undertaker is exactly the same as the Supernova. They differ in that the Supernova destroys things in order that something new and beneficial to humanity may spring forth, whereas the Undertaker buries creation in order that new chaos may be born. He helps the Sandman by breaking things down in order that something even more chaotic may be made from the ashes- but he never destroys anything the Sandman invents UNLESS the destruction will breed grounds for something even more destructive. As for the Dreamer, the Undertaker is the worst parasite, because the malevolent destroyer will destroy- without hesitation- anything the benevolent creator invents. To the Dreamer, the Undertaker is a vandal. Of the many great geniuses the world has ever seen, Nikola Tesla probably had the greatest number of Undertakers. When he died, the FBI raided his apartment and stole all of his blueprints because his ideas were detrimental to the business side of life. He offered insights into free forms of energy, and much more. Much great knowledge has been lost due to the actions of the Undertaker, and perhaps the greatest loss occurred with the burning of the library at Alexandria.

Broken Symphonies

The Order of Importance is as Follows:
1. The Creator/Destroyer: Without destruction of something old, there cannot be the construction of something new, and vice versa. As a result, these two are tied for the number one spot.
2. The Participator: Ideas will always need enhancements, or else they will not pass the tests of time. Needless to say, innovation needs constant renovation.
3. The Follower: Though ideas need a way to reach the mass population, they can still exist without a following. A follower does not create, nor does he participate in any form of enhancement; therefore, the Follower takes the last spot. Having a following is absolutely important, and it is the only way ideas may be spread throughout the world, so do not underestimate the power or importance of the follower. Just realize that without the creator, destroyer, or the participator, the follower would be spreading around useless information.
In order for us to make the greatest difference in the world, we must take on all four roles.
As Creators, we must do what has never been done before. This will bring new knowledge and growth to the world.
As Participators, we must constantly study and learn in order that we may improve ourselves and the world. The best creators are also participators.
As Followers, we must network and spread ideas to the world so that everyone may benefit. As followers, we choose what movements to become a part of so that we have the best chance of injecting such a movement with new inventions and ideas by once again taking on the role of the creator.
As Destroyers, we must not be afraid to get our hands dirty and make changes in order that new growth may emerge.
A person can never be said to be Great or Complete until he or she embodies all four personae, regardless of whether those personae belong to the light or to the darkness.
The most neglected roles of all the personae are those of the creators and destroyers. Most people are followers and participators.
We will happily follow the rest of the crowd.
We constantly find ways to improve preexisting ideas.
But, almost none of us like to create something new, because the birth of something new would result in the death (destruction) of something old.
The Importance of the Creator: The creator is a nonconformist, somebody who looks into the world, sees what is possible, and then manifests that possibility into something experiential. It takes a special person to be a creator, because to be a creator requires us to do what has never been done before. James Dyson invented the bladeless fan, Edison invented the light bulb, Franklin harnessed electricity, Henry Ford invented the assembly line, and all of these men are remembered greatly for their contributions to society. All of these men conducted the Hero’s Symphony because they mastered all four personae.
Take it upon yourself to discover something absolutely amazing. It is your role to influence society in some way. Your invention does not have to change the face of civilization, but it must make a contribution- even if that contribution is infinitesimal.
Even on the dark side of things, we have very few Sandmen. Hitler was one of them. He invented a new form of leadership, he brought a country out of a depression, and he annihilated countless lives. He was a master of the Villain’s Symphony.
In any case, most people only display 3 of the four personae, and that is why they will never achieve greatness. Take it upon yourself to do something that has never been done before. Take ideas and use them to create something new. Walk a path that has never been walked before. You may think that this is difficult, but in actuality, it is part of your nature to do something different. Joseph Campbell said that we must follow our bliss, and I bestow this duty onto you now.
Your fingerprints are unique.
Your vocal tone is unique.
Your DNA is unique.
You are unique.
Take it upon yourself to discover your life’s purpose, and then march to the beat of a different drummer. Do not listen to what others tell you. Instead, listen to your own heart.
It is the only way that you will be able to conduct a symphony.
The Importance of the Destroyer: As important as it is to create something new, you must also be willing to let go of old ways. There are dreams in which I am dying, and I celebrate those dreams. Dreams are symbolic; therefore we mustn’t take their messages at the literal level. Death inside of a dream represents a shedding of old ways. Death is a rebirth. In order for a boy to grow into a man, the boy must die. In many civilizations of the world, there are tests of manhood that every boy must undergo before he is recognized as a man. The United States if the only nation in history to not have such a ritual, and many of these customs have spread to other nations. In today’s world, the manhood initiation ceremony is dying, and boys are remaining boys. There was a time when we had to fight for our masculinity, but the times are now changing. The same goes for women. Without ritual sacrifice of the older self, we remain trapped in ever aging bodies with minds that never change at all. The destroyer is just as important as the creator. People get set in their ways, they get trapped in their comforts, and they are afraid to make change. Change is difficult, and that is why most people avoid it. Without destruction, however, there can be no growth. In order to become healthy, we must burn fat. In order to gain muscle mass, we must first tear the muscles apart through rigorous exercise. In order build a skyscraper, we must first first blast a hole through a plot of land in order to build the foundation. All throughout history, creators were needed just as badly as were destroyers. In order to build the cities, we had to destroy forests. In order to build ships, we had to cut down trees. In order to survive, we had to slay animals and plant life. Without destruction, there is no sustenance.
A world that is filled with creators will only have mediocrity. For every new invention and idea that was brought forth into mankind, and old idea had to be destroyed. Morse code was replaced by the telephone, which now exists in the shadows of the cellular market. The mines of the world are ravaged so that we can have coal. There would be no world without the destroyer.
Realize that every single second of every single day, you are losing millions of cells; however, you are gaining new cells as well. The new cells are there to replace the old cells, and they represent evolved forms of a newer you. The new cells adapt to the ever changing torrents of your life.
On your road toward integration, you had to become a creator.
Now, you must also become a destroyer.
Detach yourself from the world as it exists today.
Do not take things for face value, because faces lie.
Do not see things as they are, but see things for what they could become.
And, with your vision in mind, paint your masterpiece while cutting away all of the debris which stands in your way.
Realize: Most people choose to be participators and followers. It is too difficult to create, it is too painful to destroy. You must face your fears and embrace your ambitions. There is no growth without death. Most people will never achieve greatness, because they are stuck in their comforting ways of life. Such people will never advance society. If comfort were the only path in life, we would never have left the stone age. Anyone who has done anything great had to step away from what everybody else was doing in order that he or she may leave something far more valuable behind in the world.

Find a truly original idea. It is the only way I will ever distinguish myself. It is the only way I will ever matter.- John Nash, A Beautiful Mind

Another very important detail we must understand is that the other two rules are still massively important. Without the personae of follower and participator, we are truly undercutting our growth.
A truly great creator must follow in the footsteps of greatness by learning the lessons wise people have taught the world. Einstein had to learn physics from the people who came before him before he could introduce the world to his theories of relativity.
We must also become participators in the evolution of knowledge. It is important that we take whatever knowledge we gain from the world and use it to further enhance life. Knowledge is more of an active pursuit than a passive one. If, as followers, we must learn from greatness, then as participators, we must take these teachings and question them. Question everything. Nothing is written in stone, and theories change over time. Once we learn something (following), and we begin to apply that knowledge to enhance the world (participating/teaching), we may stumble upon a great idea of our own which is connected to the path we just walked (creating), and at that moment we will have the courage to tear a whole into society so that our new idea may take birth (destruction). These four personae are beautifully interconnected.
The following table gives more clarity to the roles:

The Personae Chart

The Creator The Follower The Participator The Destroyer
Function To bring forth new inventions and ideas.  The Creator exists solely for the advancement of society. The creator needs to constantly inject new wonders into the world, but he needs the help of the destroyer in order to do so. Without the Destroyer, the Creator is limited in his ability to bring forth greater advancement to civilization. The Creator is constantly bringing innovation to the world, but with every new innovation. Destruction will always occur. But, if there is no growth after destruction, existence will fade. The Creator balances out the force by constantly creating after every destruction. To learn from the teachings that have already been taught. Every society needs a follower, a learner. Without the follower, teachings will be lost and there will also be no more advancement in society. The reason the follower takes lesser value than the creator and the destroyer is simply due to the reason that a follower, alone, cannot advance society. The follower is also a spreader of information throughout the vast network of the world through the power of networking. The follower needs the participator in order that knowledge may be enhanced. To transform preexisting knowledge into evolved forms of existence. The follower simply learns information and spreads a message. The Participator, however, takes that information and enhances it. The difference between a participator and a follower is similar to the difference between a contributed and a student. The student (follower) may just learn information and regurgitate it throughout most of his or her life. A participator, however, questions the information at hand and adds onto it. The participator is truly an enhancer. He needs the follower to learn in order that that knowledge may be transformed. The role of the Destroyer is to aide the creator in the process of growth. There is no growth without death. The Destroyer understands this perfectly. He realizes that as long as society stays comfortable with where it is at, there will be no more growth. The Destroyer is also like a creator then, because he changes the flow of society. Without death, there is no growth. Without growth, there is no death. The destroyer needs the creator to create in order that more things may be destroyed and more things may be created.

As you can see, the wholly integrated person embodies all four roles.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.- Isaac Newton

The Superior Symphony

The Hero’s Symphony is conducted for order.
The Villain’s Symphony is conducted for chaos.
The world needs both chaos and order; therefore, both symphonies are equally important. A great evil gives meaning to a great good, and a great good gives meaning to a great evil.
Light and dark complement each other.
Sometimes, we must conduct the Hero’s symphony in order to create greatness in the world.
But, there are times when we must conduct the Villain’s symphony as well. Nations go to wars, so we need to use weapons, which are a byproduct of Sandmen and Inflicters. Toxins can be used to treat cancer. Lava cools off and turns into land from which new life can emerge.
To stay too attached to either symphony can mean destruction.
Therefore, the Dreamer and the Sandmen conjure manifestations.
The Messenger and the Snake network.
The Enhancer and the Inflicter elevate ingenuity.
The Supernova and the Undertaker watch the world around them disintegrate.
Both symphonies are powerful, yet they are weak without each other.
In the end, the most powerful symphony is the combination of the two: The Symphony of Duality.
The Symphony of Duality is like water in that it is sometimes nurturing, sometimes tough, sometimes deadly, sometimes gentle. It is formless; therefore, it can take the form of whatever moment it occupies. To be able to conduct the Symphony of Duality is to declare total detachment from the world’s views of who you are. You march to your own beat, and you exhibit a different breed of genius. To the good of the world, you are a source of wisdom. to the evil of the world, you are a major threat. However, you yourself are neither good nor evil. You simply exist, and you do whatever the moment calls for. It takes a very strong leader to make harsh decisions, and you are not afraid to make them. Sometimes, something beautiful must die in order for something even more beautiful to emerge. You are never afraid to take action.
Too much light can cause just as much blindness as too much darkness.
The perfect world consists of both shadows and flames, otherwise there would be no existence.
Embrace both darkness and light, and conduct the Symphony of Duality.
Start with Creation and Destruction.
I hope you die in your dreams tonight.

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