The Myth of the Starving Artist: Glorifying Poverty is SO Last Century

//The Myth of the Starving Artist: Glorifying Poverty is SO Last Century

The Myth of the Starving Artist: Glorifying Poverty is SO Last Century

What Would Van Halen do?


Poverty begins as a state of mind, and it expands into full blown consciousness.

Consciousness becomes awareness.

Awareness becomes expectation.

Expectation becomes reality.

We were born with the power to rule the universe.

But we were conditioned into mediocrity.

We fought for liberty in our yesteryears, we fought for independence, we fought for our rights to be an end unto ourselves. We came from everywhere.

In the depth of our history, we were looked down upon for so long.

With nowhere to turn to, art was our only escape.

In a world ruled by Czars, Caesars, Emperors, and Kings, we were peasants who had no voice.

Art was our outlet of expression.

We were the da Vincis, the Michaelangelos, the Sun Tzus, the Machiavellis, the thinkers, the dreamers.

Ours is a story of violence and horror.

The pages of our history are filled with acts of civil disobedience, because we had to show the world that we mattered- that the leaders weren’t the only ones who had a voice.

They made laws to shut us up.

They wanted to compress the heart, to kill creativity, to enslave the mind.

And for a time, we listened.

We began to believe that were are as they said we were.

And we began to act as the slaves they wanted us to be.

Perhaps we weren’t slaves by title, but we were slaves by expression.

We might have stayed that way forever, but then there were those who stepped out.

They were the dissenters.

Like the ones who left Plato’s cave, these men and women declared that no external entity would ever beat their beating hearts ever again.

The early dissenters took a risk that we cannot fathom today.

To challenge the status quo in times when the status quo would kill anyone who deviated from the norm is something we cannot understand today.

If… the machine of government… is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. – Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobediance, 1849

But. . .we did it.

We fought hard, and we made it clear that the soul was to be enslaved no more.

That. . .the heart and all its contents were meant to fill the world and not stay inside of us.

We lost much support from the world when we chose to dissent.

So, we went wherever we were accepted.

And then, we met her.

We met the New Colossus.

Beneath her feet, we read the following words:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

The tired, the poor, the suppressed scattered all over the world to find places of meaning.
Those days are long gone.
But the memories still remain.
The Starving Artist served its purpose in our yesteryears and days gone by; however she scarred our psyche, and as a result, we still have not let go of the images of our crusade.
May the following words lead you out of your darkness and show you what the world has become.
The crusade is over, and the image of the starving artist should have died along with it.
But, now, in the freest of times, the starving artist still exists.
She exists because we allow her to exist within our minds.
Poverty begins as a state of mind, and it expands into full blown consciousness.
Consciousness becomes awareness.
Awareness becomes expectation.
Expectation becomes reality.
We were born with the power to rule the universe.
But we were conditioned into mediocrity.
Now. . .open your eyes.
Come and see the world as I see it.

The Age of Reason

Thought will keep you stable. . .Thought will set you free. . .Thought holds power over the universe.Think Dream Inspire

Cast your doubts and fears aside, because all your anguish exists in the mind.
We have the power to create the life of our dreams, but the dreams must first exist within our minds.
Never before in history have we had the power we have now.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Myspace
  • Google
  • Blogging
  • Flickr
  • Forums
  • Chatrooms
  • YouTube

All of these platforms are free, and they have changed the way humanity interacts with itself.
Fill these platforms with your art.
Even if you put it up for free, you will certainly attract visitors if your heart is in the right place.
And when you are true to yourself, your heart is always in the right place.
Visitors attract advertisers.
Advertisers bring money.
The Starving Artist is an effigy of our yesteryears, and she no longer serves us.
We must cast it a pariah, we must exile it from our minds in order to hold of ourselves a bolder image.
The image of the the Thriving Artist.
Cast your fears aside, open your eyes, and embrace the new world.
This is the dawn of a new age.
This is the dawn of a new day where the Thinker is hailed.
There has been no time in history where the human mind has been as revered as well as it is today.
There has been no time in history where those who used their minds in order to inspire, lead, and spread innovation were paid as much as the minds of today can be paid.
Open your eyes and jump into the bliss.
The only remnants of the Starving Artist that should remain within us are the memories of a symbol that never gave up in the face of danger.
Today, all danger is gone, so what are you waiting for?
A world without the Mind is a world ruled by savages.
When I was younger, my Sunday school teachers used to tell me not to think. They would tell me that thought is the byproduct of Satanic impulses. That those who think are lead astray.
But, I completely disagree.
More crime has been committed in the name of stupidity and thoughtlessness than by anyone who has pursued the path of reason.
Embrace your heart, your vision, your dreams, and go create your art.
Then sell it.
You have all the riches in the world to garner.
And when you face opposition, welcome it. Opposition will always exist. It strengthens us.
Let’s embrace the new image of ourselves, because the crusade for expression is over.
But we must still fight to let the world know the inner workings of our souls.
And let us profit along the way, because choosing to be poor has no beauty left within itself.
There is absolutely nothing romantic about it.
Nothing can be made of poverty, so I ask that you aim higher and dream a little richer.

I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline. Particularly when one can’t see the details. Just the shapes. The shapes and the thought that made them. The sky over New York and the will of man made visible. What other religion do we need?– Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

And if you were born into poverty, the free tools of the social networks I prescribed should surely bring you out of your predicament.
The crusade for expression is over, because we have the freedom to express ourselves now in more ways than we ever could in all of human history.
We are Gods, and there is a new crusade today.
The crusade for wealth.
So cast out the image of the starving artist, and embrace the image of one that thrives.
Think. Dream. Inspire.
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  1. Allen August 21, 2010 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    I agree with you but in order to put the process in motion so to speak, we need inspiration and desire. Where does that come from? From poverty? From social inequality? Jesus said “the poor will be with you always”. I wonder why. On the surface, it seems that there will always be an element of society that is not purpose driven or inspired and if you dig deeper – maybe poverty is the path their higher selves chose for them before they were born into this life. Maybe there are lessons and wisdom involved. But then (it is a vicious circle) it appears that we have virtue in being poor and downtrodden. We look for answers that fit all concerned and there is no such thing. What is right for me maybe wrong for you. Who knows? Something to ponder and think about but also something to discover for oneself. We are immortal beings but we live each incarnation one at a time with a learning purpose to find. I agree with everything you have written but I ask you – at what point is our “a ha” moment when it all comes together and we realize we can create our own destiny?

    • Numair Qureshi August 21, 2010 at 11:41 pm - Reply

      Allen, please forgive me for the length of my response. There is no “short” way for me to respond.
      Let’s address your points.
      1. “We need inspiration and desire. Where does that come from?”
      – The truth is that we all desire growth. The poor are born into situations that compel them to reach for more riches. Matter of fact, most people don’t even realize how amazing they have it until they reach a pitfall. I learned from James Arthur Ray that we grow the most on the border of chaos and order. Our challenges are what bring forth the best within us; however, only those who dream can face challenges. The man without a dream, without a vision, without desire is a parasite. He faces no challenges in life, and he just takes up space. That having been said, I feel that everybody dreams to some extent. Let’s be more direct on the matter.
      There are two reasons why we take any action, just two:
      1. To avoid pain
      2. Gain pleasure
      That is the reason for ALL human endeavor, and pain is often a much greater motivator than pleasure.
      For instance, it would be quite pleasureful for an obese man to lose weight; however, the pain of having to exercise overcomes the pleasure he would gain from slowly losing weight.
      The pain of poverty may cause many, many people to reach for the riches in life.
      But, those who are born into great wealth also have desires.
      I believe, in the end, everybody wants happiness. But, it can’t be a superficial happiness. Superficial happiness is bought through luxuries, and it does not last. People are striving for the kind of happiness that they were born to contribute to. In a deeper ending, people aren’t even searching for happiness; they are searching for themselves.
      – Realize, I am not bashing the poor, I am not bashing poverty. What I am stating is that to hail poverty as the most beautiful thing in universe is stupid. The universe is abundant. There are countless trillions of stars. And, there are more neurons in your brain than there are stars in the whole universe. There are billions of planets, there are billions of galaxies. There are trillions of blades of grass. There are billions of trees. The universe is abundant, so why must we hail poverty?
      2. “Maybe poverty is the path their higher selves chose for them before they were born into this life.”
      – Poverty is a state of mind. Poverty is a vibration. In order to “be” poor, you have to “feel” poor. Realize that the POOREST of the poor in today’s society generally live like kings compared to people hundreds of years ago. Today, a homeless man can beg on the street and certainly get food. Someone homeless hundreds of years ago would have to travel to great sorrows to find food. There are certainly textbook definitions of poverty; however, different people have different desires in life. Some people love simplicity, and they can feel very wealthy in that simplicity. Wealth isn’t measured by money, Allen. Money has no intrinsic value. At least, it used to be backed by gold once. Now, it is simply backed by our faith in it. Poverty and wealth are states of mind. They are feelings. Nobody came into this earth form in order to feel “poor”.
      Jesus himself said, “The kingdom of heaven lies within you.” – Heaven is abundant. I much rather would prefer the saying, “Being rich makes me poor”. I think Picasso said it.
      Sometimes, when we have TOO much abundance, we overlook ingenuity, we stop our creative forces.
      But, even then, I believe that this only happens when you get rich using the wrong reasons. When you follow your life’s purpose, your life will continuously become more and more creative, because you are living according to your core values.
      3. “At what point is our ‘a ha’ moment when it all comes together and we realize we create our own destiny?”
      – This is when my response will be very long. I know you’ve asked me this a couple of times, so I guess I’ll drive the point home. I won’t show you HOW to find the purpose, but I will show you the steps of enlightenment that lead up to all of it. Please do not skim this part. It carries a LOT of valuable information that I would have KILLED somebody to learn. This took me years to figure out on my own. It took many epiphanies.
      The question you are really asking is: “Who are we?”
      I spent a lot of my life pondering this question, and I came up with a fascinating answer.
      My answer comes in the form of a question: “If I were born in a box, would I still have a life purpose, would I still have an identity, a calling?”
      You see, there is the whole nature vs. nurture debate.
      The Nature Debate: Our entire identity, sense of self, and ability is contingent on our genetic disposition. This explains why all the people born in the same neighborhood aren’t exactly the same, that people can still have differences amongst groups. According to the nature debate, our personalities are derived from our parents.
      The Nurture Debate: Who we are is contingent on our environments and upbringing. This is where the behaviorist perspective came to be. Essentially, according to behaviorism, there is no mind. Humans are creatures of social habit and conditioning. John B. Watson explains this perfectly in his highly stubborn quote, “Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select – doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors. “[Behaviorism (1930), p. 82]
      So, what gives? Who is right?
      Both debates have tremendous evidence.
      On the side of Nature, we have our genetic disposition, we have our DNA, we have the thoughts of our parents, we have nerve endings that have been passed down since the beginning of time.
      On the side of Nurture, we are basically Tabula Rasas, and the world molds us.
      But, if people were totally conditioned from external forces, then we would live in a massive net of conformity and there would be not much new innovation or invention.
      People simply do not grow in environments of conformity because there is no distinction.
      It was later accepted that humans are products of both Nature AND Nurture. The combination of both perspectives allowed us to understand the vast differences amongst individuals who live in close-knit societies.
      It would explain why a neighborhood could produce children with amazing athletic skills on one side of the street and children with excellent musical talent on the other side.
      Now, let’s address your situation.
      You ask about our TRUE identities.
      Well, according. . .
      Nature: We are the sum total of every single person who has ever passed down the DNA that has led to us. We are indebted to our ancestors. Who we are is essentially the byproduct of who everyone else before us was.
      Nurture: We are the sum average of every single person we surround ourselves with. Our environment influences us completely, and WHO we are is the result of where we live. If you placed me in a family of criminals for forty days, I too would become a criminal.
      The combination of both would lead to our identities.
      The combination: Who we are is both a result of the people we surround ourselves with and our ancestors.
      But, what about a deeper meaning? Aren’t we meant for more? Isn’t there something deeper than flesh and sky? Isn’t there a Purpose behind all of this life? Or, are we just puppets and puppeteers? Are we just bundles of energy that will one day dissipate into nothingness, or is there. . .a higher reason for living? Haven’t you felt that you were meant for SOMETHING? And, why do you feel this way? Maybe this feeling is something that every human was born with, and most people ignore it. Maybe we are meant to figure out this purpose.
      Let’s examine a life purpose briefly in both nature and nurture.
      Nature: Your purpose is molded by your instincts and born traits. You were born with a certain inclination toward select areas of flow. According to studies, there are 9 types of intelligence that we are Born with:
      1. Naturalist Intelligence
      2. Musical Intelligence
      3. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
      4. Existential Intelligence
      5. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart”)
      6. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (“Body Smart”)
      7. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)
      8. Intra-personal Intelligence (Self Smart”)
      9. Spatial Intelligence (“Picture Smart”)
      (taken from
      In the nature debate, one would argue that regardless of where we are born, every baby has at least one of these 9 intelligences in superior amounts than the other 8 intelligences within itself. This explains why certain people are gifted with a natural ability to dance, create, sing, or do anything that pertains to the aforementioned list. I’ve read a more recent post of yours called “Stuck”. I will respond to that eventually. I just want you to realize that your life purpose could possibly exist in one of these intelligences.
      Nurture: But we MUST NOT just stay at nature. We must realize that our environment also plays a HUGE part into shaping who we are. Even if your greatest intelligence was music, your skill would absolutely be shaped greatly by your environment. Imagine how “skillful” Mozart would have been if he were born in a world without Pianos.
      It’s the combination of nature and nurture that helps us reach fully self actualization and enlightenment of the self.
      Now, here is another argument: “Does your life purpose, then, depend on WHERE you are born? For instance, if Mozart were born in a world without Pianos, would he have no purpose? Or, let’s say Most of the world plays Soccer. America doesn’t heavily participate in the sport. Does this mean that people in America usually don’t have a life purpose of playing soccer?”
      There is a striking observation that must be made here.
      Let’s talk about the case of feral children. Feral children are those that are, for one reason or another, lost at birth, and they end up being raised by animals.
      In order to even ask about a life purpose, we must first look at feral children.
      These kids are born without parents to teach them their identities. There are no humans nearby, so they cannot learn from their environments. These children are born with the 9 intelligences of varying degrees just like everyone else, but their idea of “self” is sub par. There was no society to teach them concepts such as individuality and self actualization. Furthermore, if they are born with a certain skill, they do not have the full consciousness to actualize that skill to its greatest fruition. If Mozart were born as a Feral child, he would still have an uncanny ability for music, but it would be interesting to see what he would do with that ability.
      Many of us try to escape who we are. Feral children have nothing to “resist”, because they don’t know what to escape to. So, maybe Mozart would have eventually found a way to express himself musically using the sticks and stones of the area.
      In any case, the question of the moment is truly: “Is there a life purpose in a box?”
      THIS is what you should be asking. Does identity exist in a box? Forget feral children. Feral children simply act like other animals and become carnivores. But, what if Mozart were born in a box with no windows or doors? What if he were surrounded by 6 sides?
      There would be absolutely no environment to influence him.
      He would grow old without any external stimulus.
      Would HE have a life purpose, then?
      This is the biggest puzzle. We have been taught by so many wise men and women that there is a life purpose, that we were meant for “more”. But, if we were born in a box, would a life purpose even exist? This would end up teaching us that our life purpose really is mostly a result of where we are born.
      – That, if I am born on a farm, my purpose is to farm.
      – If i am born in a family of doctors, my purpose is to doctor.
      It would seem like this Box puzzle would send the argument flying home, wouldn’t it?
      But. . .no. There is more =).
      We left out something VERY important:
      The Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”
      Humans have the ability of reason. Now, sure, there is the nature and nurture side to reason. But, let’s forget those sides for now, and let’s discuss one of the greatest insights to have ever dawned upon mankind:
      Carl Jung’s teachings of the Collective Unconscious.
      There is a massive network of thoughts that links every single human in existence, and it is known as the collective unconscious. It is in this realm that dreams come to us from the higher realms. There is massive proof behind this, and if you would like to learn more, then read the book “137″ by Arthur Miller (
      The collective unconscious holds the thoughts of every single person in existence, it holds dreams, it holds symbols of growth known as archetypes, and much more.
      Realize that your identity is something that goes beyond just nature and nurture. Let’s add another peg to this list: The Thinker.
      The Thinker: We create our reality by our thoughts. The world is a reflection of who we are. All that exists is the projection of an inner conscious which permeates all of existence.
      Thoughts are electromagnetic energy, and they are stronger than gravity. They are high forms of energy.
      If you evaluate the laws of energy, you will see that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only altered.
      What this means is that consciousness also cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only come into and out of form.
      To understand your identity, you must realize that a part of you has always existed, and part of your journey is to “remember” that existence.
      Before you were “born”, you still existed at some level. REALIZE this! You could never have been “created”, because creation is a myth. Instead, you changed form. Before your physical birth, you were a thought. A conscious thought.
      If you need proof, realize this: There is the unified field theory of physics which has proven that there is a starting point where all sciences collide. The root of ALL sciences (bio, chem, physics) ends up being one massive field known as the unified field. Just like every single substance in the universe is made of atoms, the unified field is the core of all that exists. The unified field consists of nothing but energy, consciousness.
      So, at one level, you and I are One. You are me. I am you. But, at more expansive level, there was some point in the story of US that we decided to become “fragmented” in order to have different experiences so that we may expand the universe in different ways.
      When that story began, you decided that you would come into earthly form.
      Nature: You were born into a body that had certain innate quality that was linked to your life’s purpose.
      Nurture: You chose the society in which you would be born so that you could best carry out your mission.
      Thinker: You thought your way into all of this, because there is no existence without thought.
      Who are you?
      Nature: Your personality, your idiosyncrasies, your talents, your innate abilities.
      Nurture: The labels society has placed on you. The objects that define you, that color you with meaning.
      Thinker: The Ghost within the machine, the creator behind the scenes, the conductor of this grand orchestra. As the thinker, you are the uniter of both nature and nurture. As the thinker, you realize that you were meant for something that has never been done before. You were meant for more. You realize that the world does not NEED you, that it is perfectly fine without you; therefore, you did not choose to come into this existence in order to “fix” anything. Rather, you came here to expand. You came here to contribute something that nobody else could.
      This awareness is essential. This is the first step into discovering WHO you are.
      So, “Who are we?”
      You are the conductor of body and mind. The body is your tool. The mind is your tool. You are a conscious contributor, a creator, and you chose your existence. Part of you is absolutely what society has come to call you. Part of your identity also consists of the things you own. Remember, everything you own is just a reflection of who you are. You were attracted to these things primarily because they compliment your inner self. But, part of your identity also consists of the genetic predispositions, traits, and personalities you were born with. Beyond all of this, you are the conductor. And beyond that, you and I are one.
      You are lost, thought, because you still do not know the role of this conductor.
      – You still do not know your life’s purpose.
      Your life purpose (i will explain more of this in your “stuck” post) consists of two levels:
      1. Spiritual: Your role in life as the conductor. The highest level of your feeling, your moral codes, your ethics, your visions, your desires.
      2. Physical: How you carry out those desires, ethics, visions, and codes using your role as the Conductor.
      In life, you learn Best by doing, but you do Best by learning.
      Now you have your answer, but not completely. A great part of you knows of your spiritual nature as a result of these words, but you will never know the answer to the question, “Who am I?”, until you discover your life’s purpose.
      As for, “…and when [do] we realize we can create our destiny?”, I would say that the realization takes place once we realize that everything in the universe is energy. Roughly speaking, everything in the universe:
      1. Is energy. (Everything is made of atoms. atoms are made of energy.)
      2. Has a gravitational orbit. If you were to put a pencil out in outer space, and you put a ball of lint around it, that ball of lint would revolve around the pen. The reason you don’t see this happening in our world is because Earth’s gravitational pull overrides everything, so we stay planted to the grond.
      3. is made of vibration: solids, liquids, and gases have molecules bumping off of each other at different rates. When these molecules bump, they cause a vibration. vibration emits sound. these sounds can be picked up using very powerful instruments.
      4. responds to thought: think about your right knee cap without touching it. focus. You will start feeling sensations there. In order for this to have occurred, you brain had to send a signal down to that spot using your nervous system. Your nervous system runs on electricity (nerves are powered by neurons and electrons). This means that energy follows thought.
      Tie it all together: Everything in the universe has a gravitational pull, everything is energy, and energy follows thought.
      This recipe shows us how our thought cause massive shifts in reality. We attract to ourselves the very thing that we are. Like attracts like. If we feel poor, we will attract to us things that remind of us poverty.
      You said in your post, “What is right for me may be wrong for you.”
      Well, this goes hand in hand with what you said.
      Your view of the orange may be way different than my view.
      Your view of poverty may be different than my view.
      What you may think is poverty may seem like a luxury to somebody else.
      In that way, it’s not important to follow textbook definitions.
      Instead, in your mind, there is a certain dictionary that holds your perceptions. In your world, poor may be having a $100,000 yearly salary. And, if you feel poor all the time, you will continually attract the reality of having $100,000.
      Now, that is actually a lot of money. But, to you it isn’t.
      “we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.”- The Talmud
      I know this was a LOT to take in, and I will have future blog posts written on just specific concepts on the ideas presented within this response alone. Please, please, continue to ask more questions. I am sure you will have money.
      I believe questions are what guide society.
      Always, the people who have asked the greatest questions are the ones that brought forth the greatest change in the world.
      So, ask.
      I hope this helped.
      – Numair M. Qureshi

  2. Allen August 23, 2010 at 9:29 pm - Reply

    A couple of thoughts. First, what is the “stuck post” you refer to? You say it is mine but I don’t remember making it. Could you be confusing me with someone else? Or am I just not remembering something I wrote before?
    Also, when I commented before, I was doing so to stimulate discussion on this board because I like what you are doing with this website. I think it is important for whoever stumbles upon it to glean what they can and need from it. I write to you as an equal wanting to banter about these universal truths and questions – not as a neophyte who just crawled out from under a rock. I know that poverty means different things to different people and that it is a state of mind. But I disagree that to be poor you must feel poor. I grew up in a lower income neighborhood that by American standards would be considered poor yet I never felt poor growing up. I was happy and so were my siblings. Later, prosperity came and with it, the realization of how different the lifestyle changes were. Looking back now I see the value in being born into the childhood I had and I wouldn’t have changed that for the world. It is a source of pride and inspiration that we overcame that and did it with class and honesty. And now I try to use that example to inspire others – that all kinds of successes can be achieved for ourselves and others too by positive means and the correct efforts.
    The reason I constantly bring up life’s purposes to you and the reason I congratulated you on having one is because I see so many people today that seem to live and exist for no reason. I see children in the schools who don’t want to try to excel or learn, I see parents who try and get by with a minimum of work and all are looking for the easy way. The shortcuts in life and the fast way to money. Exploit the system and “get all you can and can all you get”. I live in Las Vegas – I see people who gamble away everything for the quick buck but I also see people who have created business empires through hard work and dedication and willingness to serve others. It’s quite a spectrum Numair.
    So anyway, when I ask a question what I am looking for is your opinion so that we can collaborate together and inspire others to think and ponder and explore and grow. We are all one I agree 100% and no part is less important than the others. Is my big toe less important than my nose? No, there are both me. So I too am an appendage of the greater consciousness. You and I are one (look at our synchronicity the other day). We were in synch as I hope we always will be.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Numair Qureshi August 23, 2010 at 10:56 pm - Reply

      Heh, I love your responses, man.
      Can I point out one thing?
      You said “I grew up in a lower income neighborhood that by American standards would be considered poor yet I never felt poor growing up. I was happy and so were my siblings. Later, prosperity came and with it, the realization of how different the lifestyle changes were. ”
      – You wanted more. You never felt poor, and you wanted more. Could it be that your feelings of gratitude and happiness led you to where you are today?
      I feel that most people stay in their situations because they refuse to see something greater.
      Your thoughts create your reality. Your feelings create your reality.
      When I say, “in order to be poor, you have to feel poor”, I also mean, “in order to remain poor, you have to feel poor.”
      It’s the same concept as, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, or “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.”
      I think you and i are in great agreement here. We just disagree on syntax.
      Let me ask you a rhetorical question: Had you never wanted more out of life, do you think you would be where you are today?
      Your situation may have shown poverty, but you never felt that way. You felt that there would definitely be a better life some day.
      Yeah, Allen, I do feel that you and I are in great synchronicity.
      I wonder how you and I can collaborate.
      If you have any ideas, please share them with me.
      I wrote my blog with a vision: I would not sacrifice my soul for the sake of profit of attention. I mean, yes, I would love to make money from what I do, but it would only be earned doing what I love.
      You might notice that on some other blogs, there is just a bunch of the same old information. A lot of stuff is copy and pasted, and the format is pretty much the same.
      I took a really dangerous step by just pouring my heart out. I don’t know if I’ll attract thousands of readers, because my messages are really long. But, this is how I operate. And, I feel you operate in much the same way.
      Allen, you and I both have a message to share. That is why we are here on this blog.
      I see you as an equal, and I am happy you want to inspire others.
      Most people give up on themselves, they do not care for their purpose, and they just let life pass themselves by.
      You weren’t one of those people. You aren’t.
      How can we work together on this? Do you have any ideas?
      So far, all I can think of is: Spread my blog to whoever you know. Just spread the word.
      But, I am sure you would like an even more active role. Tell me what you want.
      I’d love to hear you out.
      I seriously think I can learn a LOT from you.
      I don’t know everything on my own- actually, I know every little.
      You seem to be living a life that many people would die to have.
      Perhaps there is a message you, yourself, could share with the world.
      Maybe you could write an article for my blog.
      Would you like that?
      If not, how would you like to contribute? How can we collaborate?
      Let me know.
      – Numair

  3. Allen August 24, 2010 at 12:09 am - Reply

    I think we can learn a lot from each other. I know I have not only learned from you – I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience to boot. I have been on this “”journey” since about four years of age. That is when I can consciously remember wanting to know more and the TRUTH – not necessarily what someone else says is the truth. If they are seekers like you then that is different. So when I say we are equals I mean that we are both on the same level in our attainment of knowledge and our goals of helping others. That being said, this is your blog and you call the shots. I am loving experiencing this website and I hope others can partake too. I would like to help in any way that I can but I am not trying to steal your thunder in any way. I would be honored to help disseminate this knowledge to others so if you get any ideas – just shoot them over to me. . I’m game.
    I agree with you about wanting to make the forthcoming book free. It is a wonderful idea however we both know how freebies are perceived in this day and age. Maybe make it freely available but accept payment from those who would like to contribute to the cause. Another author who I correspond with does that and it seems to be working for him. I will send you his info via email.
    I just wish people would realize that there is so much more to life than what they experience on the surface.
    We are so empowered and yet few know it. That is why Unfolding Destiny can be such a catalyst for action and improvement and advancement! It is exciting!

    • Numair Qureshi August 24, 2010 at 12:31 am - Reply

      – I’ll charge for the book, then. You’re right; people do take things for granted. If they don’t like it, they can get a refund.
      You started at four?! AMAZING.
      I started around that age too. I remember riding the yellow bus when I was five years old. All the kids were sitting together and laughing. I was sitting alone. I was just counting my fingers. I was amazed by them.
      I was a stargazer. I just always wanted more out of life.
      Yes, UnfoldingDestiny will absolutely be a catalyst for change. I just don’t know how I’ll catalyze that change. I suppose the answers will reveal themselves within time.
      Thank you,

  4. Allen August 24, 2010 at 11:49 pm - Reply

    Had I been five years old and on the yellow bus, I would have sat with you. I wasn’t there. I will sit with you now.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Numair Qureshi August 25, 2010 at 1:40 am - Reply

      Thank you.
      I realized something today. I wasn’t born to lead others. And, this is my way of doing so. That five year old was content, he was happy in his own ways, because he knew that nobody else even cared to understand what he understood. And, I’m sure it was much the same way with you as well. I have a feeling that the times have changed now, though. And now, they need people like us to guide them. I’m starting a tribe. This here is my tribe. And, I’ve created this village. One day, it will become a kingdom. Hell, I see it as one already. Reality will just need to catch up- and it will. =)

  5. Hans Otten January 14, 2011 at 6:00 am - Reply

    I am duly impressed. Your reasoning and insights into life are remarkable for a man of your age. You remind me of Arthur Rimbaud.
    But get this (and in no way am I trying to raise any discontent…just Devil’s advocate). Arthur Rimbaud would actually disagree with you. It would take me volumes to explain myself. Arthur Rimbaud was a French romantic poet, his work was an inspiration to Jim Morrison of The Doors. He actually once stated to Paul Verlaine (also a French romantic poet with whom he had an affair with, if I remember correctly, Verlaine shot Rimbaud in an attempt to kill him, but that attempt failed. Rimbaud despised Paul for being so poor, he told him he was a worthless piece of shit, albeit he could write beautiful poetry. He told him, “The difference between you and I is that I choose my life.”
    Just something to look into….this is a complex subject and that is why I’m so impressed with your tenacity and audacious approach to these questions. You are a seeker of truth. Your razor sharp reasoning is dead one on, but there are three sides to every coin:
    1) The front
    2) The back
    3) The edge
    I believe that the “edge” is the complete truth, well balanced, the synergistic whole of both polarities. Seek one side of the truth, then the other (positive and negative). And then discover the flux (energy transfer) between the two. I could wax 3D vector calculus/mathematics to compare this matter to the scientific world. But let’s not go there…check up on Arthur Rimbaud. His story is absolutely fascinating.
    And I always keep a copy of his book of poetry, “Poems of the Damned” near my bedside. It’s one of my guidebooks. Basically a traveler’s guide through hell.
    Everyone on Numair’s website absolutely must read this. And if you understand it, then you’ll know what I’m getting at here. If you don’t understand it, I would be glad to help explain my opinion. But remember, it’d be just my opinion. No one has all the answers. I wish I could have met the man and discussed things over a cup of coffee. But until someone invents a time machine, we are left to our own devices.
    But try to FEEL the general vibe of his book. That is the key that will set you free. You don’t necessarily need to understand every word in black and white. Just listen to its internal music. Poetry is based on mathematics and music which could be related to structure, rigidity, form, skeleton. Basically the support structure on which to hang his beautiful flowers. So, seek first to take in the radiant beauty of his flowers and floral display. Please note that there are plenty of shades of midnight black. Very scary….seedy underground. That’s why this is a hard book to get a mental hold of, but remember, that was the life he chose to live in order to master that dark realm of truth…..he choose to dive into the Abyss.
    The remarkable thing is that he returned from it. He went to hell and back. Probably visited all the levels of hell and paid Charon (In greek mythology he was the Daemon, the ferryman of the dead) to cross the river Styxx (google mythology for questions if needed). When he returned, he chose another path and never wrote a single poem again for the rest of his life.
    More later bro. Let’s explore this together. Very powerful topic. You are a very enlightened man Numair. Keep up your superb work. I have all my faith in you. Shine brightly you wild wicked diamond.

  6. Hans Otten January 14, 2011 at 6:38 am - Reply

    Oh, we will have to discuss Rodin’s “Gates of Hell”, since you have that as a picture with this post.
    I have actually touched it when I traveled to France. Have been to Paris three times….so many hidden truths over there.
    It was Rodin’s masterpiece. It included the condemned men and the Thinker….and get this….VERY IMPORTANT….The Thinker was also known as THE POET.
    That’s why I mentioned Rimbaud in my previous post. What was Arthur Rimbaud? A poet. There are a number of different opinions all equally valid…and I don’t have the time to explain them.
    My opinion, and this is based on Occam’s Razor (a principle that suggests we should tend towards simpler theories until we can trade some simplicity for increased explanatory power), is that The Thinker / The Poet / The Seeker of Truth is simply contemplating whether or not he should enter the swirling radiant abyss where men lose their souls and never return. Is he prepared to die and never return to life? Because the risk is very real and no man had ever returned.
    Rimbaud, I partially believe, was perhaps the only man in history to enter the Abyss and return. He took most of his secrets to the grave however. I personally believe he should have at least tried to share them with the world. So he wasn’t a saint. Hell left permanently burned marks on his mind and soul. But that’s the price you pay for choosing to visit Hell.
    I have made my small attempt at pursing these dark secrets. My tattoo / my personal daemon is permanently etched into my skin. If I could show you a picture I would. Then you’d see how permanent that knowledge really is. With what I know, I’ll never be the same for the rest of my life.
    I know I’m taking a risk by saying this….but following Plato’s parable of the cave….heroin = hell. And the men who toil in that dark grave providing leadership to their countless minions are stone cold killers, devils.
    I really gotta get some rest….otherwise I’ll just bleed my brain into this forum. More later for sure…
    I leave you all with a statement that was once told to me by a hideous creature, which I later discovered was my personal daemon….
    “Now you know what WE are…now you know what YOU are.”

  7. Hans Otten January 14, 2011 at 8:00 am - Reply

    “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
    It’s embracing the fear knowing full well that you may not win. But you will make your valiant effort to do so. Some men succeed, others fail. It’s a roll of the dice. But it does take some testicular fortitude, to even consider attempting to make such a stand.
    So many people as well as fictional characters have been condemned to torture for life. We got Faust and a figure of obscurity, Melmoth the Wanderer…..OH and if you don’t know who Melmoth is, you need to find out, that’s all I’m going to say….
    But no character in the canon of fiction, that has ever attempted to sell his soul to Satan, fully knows what is going to happen once that decision is made. Remember Satan is the fallen Angel. According to the books, Satan was once God’s right hand man….so he’s pretty freakin smart….and diabolically clever….he took his rage, fury, angst, and pride to fuel his development in the evil manipulative ways to attract converts.
    By now, you may be asking why am I saying what I’m saying…Numair, your article, “The Myth of the Starving Artist: Glorifying Poverty is SO Last Century” is so wonderful. This Myth is last century. But are we choosing to believe that there no people in this world who have been condemned? Or is that a product of their choosing? Or is that the outcome of nature versus nurture? All I’m trying to point out with all of my ramblings, is that “The Myth of the Starving Artist”, for some people, is a way to another truth, albeit sometimes a very dark one. Problem is, most street-urchins, bums, drug-dealers, street pushers, and prostitutes don’t have the ability to reach the heavens and discover the beaming bright white truth that you, Numair, have discovered. They are condemned for whatever reason or another, could be nature, could be nuture, could be a product of rational choice, i.e they chose to roll the dice and lost. Perhaps they chose to play a game of reality dice where the dealer never ever pays. But even Faust, who sold his soul to Satan, never sold his body.
    Numair, you’ve got the (+) polarity of truth nailed. But what do you guys think? Should we consider looking at the (-) polarity of truth? If so, I would be willing to share what I know of that dark realm. I’m learning a lot on this forum and definitely want to share what I’ve learned through my life experiences….I mean once, while in Ireland, I saw someone get stabbed to death and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. I’ve seen some twisted, sinister things. Who knows? The universe is wild.
    Perhaps then, in a combined effort with Allen, you, I, and all the other people who will be writing in these forums, we could strive to find the “edge” of the coin. Knowing the light, knowing the dark, and knowing the flux between.

  8. Hans Otten January 14, 2011 at 8:13 am - Reply

    Oh my bad, clarification…Numair…you remind me of the reverse polarity of Arthur Rimbaud. You remind me of the essence of everything that is beautiful in life. You’ve taken a different, very respectable path and I admire you for it. I’ve strolled down that path too, but was always curious about the dark path…weird, I always loved Dracula, horror movies, murder mysteries, etc… ever since I was a kid. Where did that come from?!!!? My nuture would not have predicted that at all. I had very loving parents…though my Dad has a dark side of him that even my Mother doesn’t even know. I think I’ve always perceived it, even though we have never had a conversation about it for all these 32 years that I’ve been on this planet called Earth.
    I’m trying to come full circle now. You’re helping me see some insights into the light (+). And E=MC^2. Energy is mass times the speed of light (+) squared. But also remember…..there is the absence of light, dark (-). Check out dark matter…do a google search on that…pretty crazy stuff. Something that cannot be seen or even measured with our most technologically advanced measuring devices, but never the less must be there because the light around such area is being bent. Only way for that to happen is an intense magnetic field. Damn, I’m about to go into Hawking theories of multiple universes and multiple histories of the world.
    I’ll have to save that for a totally different discussion.
    Oh, Numair, I’d be willing to write some articles for you.

  9. The 4 Elements April 5, 2011 at 6:35 pm - Reply

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    Another good post I found which you’ll probably be…

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