The Only Way toward Success: The Road Less Traveled Starts at the Core

//The Only Way toward Success: The Road Less Traveled Starts at the Core

The Only Way toward Success: The Road Less Traveled Starts at the Core

There are so many choices we could make in our lives, and the abundance of choices makes it very difficult for us to decide what path we should take. Most of us quit before we even find that answer because the search is far too difficult. Choice, itself, is a great luxury. We live in times in which choice is commonly available to nearly everybody on cface of the planet. We simply do not have to be tied to serfdom and assigned identities any longer. So, how do we find fulfilling, lasting, wonderful success in life? Keep reading. =)

Know Yourself

Simply put, you must start at the core.
There are millions of paths you could potentially take in life, but none of them matter until you know your life’s purpose.
I can’t really teach you how to do that here in such a simple blog post, but if you stick around long enough, I may launch a product at some point that teaches you how to do just that.
Anyway, learn this purpose of yours. Once you learn it, you can cut through all of the chaos, distraction, and bullshit that is keeping you from achieving your greatness.
Once you know your purpose, the path toward success will still be difficult, but if you have patience while sticking to your wits, you will certainly find the way.

Unite Long Term and Short Term Focus

Not all of us are psychic. At any given moment, there may be millions of outcomes to a direct action we take. Many of us want to be psychic, and we want to see what step we should take after X, Y, Z all the while we are currently on step C. This time of future envisioning can deter us from reaching great heights.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Instead, just focus on the next most logical step ahead of you. This is something I learned from Eben Pagan in Wake Up Productive. Instead of worrying about what steps to take 10 steps down the road, we should just take the most logical step before us. And, once we take that step, the next step becomes illuminated. Life is set up in such a way that we are engineered to have both short term and long term vision.
Having a long term vision is absolutely fine, and it is essential for success; however, if you only have long term vision, you will never achieve any success.
You must unite the short term with the long term.
Metaphor: You are driving across the country to a specific destination (this is a long term goal).  You may have put that destination into your GPS. Now, in order to get there, you have to drive. And, while you are driving, there are many small destinations you have to cross (short term goals). You will have to cross roads, bridges, valleys, interstates, highways, and etc. Without these short term destinations, you could never reach your ultimate destination.
So, I’m not saying that you should have no long term goals.
What I am saying is that you need to have both long term and short term perspective. Ideally, once you know where you want to go, you should shift your absolute focus onto the present moment and take the next most logical step at every step until you reach your destination.

Mental GPS

I truly believe that the mind the GREATEST GPS system in the universe- not only can it show you the way to any goal you desire, but it can actually set up circumstances for you in which the goal naturally happens as a result of your thinking.
Now, I am not trying to get mystical or anything here. You can do the research yourself.
Some people call it the Reticular Activating System, others call it Synchronicity, and others call it The Law of Attraction.
Call it what you want.
The point is, what you focus on expands.
You can paint in your mind an extremely vivid picture with great details, and you must focus on this vision absolutely every day.
Become that vision.
You will find yourself naturally flowing to your goal.
But, in order for that to happen, you must keep your eyes open in the present, and you must let the universe unfold for you.
Keep your eyes open, and when opportunity strikes, you must grab it.
Now, I am not going to explain the science behind such thinking.
If you’re interested, read Psychocybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, MD.


You won’t have to play Goldilocks anymore.
The story of Goldilocks is really about finding one’s groove in life.
The problem today, though, is that there are so many choices, that it is hard to know what path to take.
Our hearts know, though.
Once you know your purpose, you live for something great.
You live for a reason greater than money (though money is still fantastic).
Passion bursts out of your soul, and you are able to make the greatest impact on society.
Passion is a contagious flame rarely experienced.
If you can become consciously aware of what you are passionate about, that passion will spread to others.
Steve Jobs.
Bill Gates.
Napoleon Bonaparte.
Russell Simmons.
Mark Zuckerberg.
Need I say more?
Let me put it more directly: The SECOND you discover your purpose, you will no longer work for anyone ever again. Instead, you’ll be creating. You will be impacting. If you have a boss, you will see that boss is an enabler of your vision instead of an obstacle. Life just flows so much better when you follow your bliss. =)
Wealth, fame, respect, admiration, wider selection of mating, and greater comforts are some of the added things that come along with following your purpose, but the greatest benefit is that you get to create an impact.
You get to truly feel that you mattered on this planet, and you were able to contribute to a better world.

The Butterfly Effect

Chaos Theory teaches us that very big problems start off as very small, barley detectable, sparks of instances.
If we can attack a problem while it is small, it is much easier to delete.
It’s a lost easier to lose 5 pounds than it is to lost 50.
It is a lot easier to do your homework now instead of rushing through it on the train ride to school.
If we are to focus on Chaos Theory in positive ways, we’ll see that we can combine our thoughts with our actions to yield amazing results.
However, those results must be tied to our life purpose, otherwise we’ll meander much of the way and achieve nothing.
Find your life purpose.

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