The Science of Contagious, You Turn My Pages: Scientific Evidence as to How We Become Our Surroundings

//The Science of Contagious, You Turn My Pages: Scientific Evidence as to How We Become Our Surroundings

The Science of Contagious, You Turn My Pages: Scientific Evidence as to How We Become Our Surroundings

Previously, in another article, we talked about the best way of becoming successful is by surrounding ourselves with people who are greater than us at the goal we are trying to accomplish.
Now, we’re going to study the science behind all of this.
Why do we become more and more like our surroundings, and how can we best capitalize on these teachings?


The Stockholm Bank Heist
In 1973, one of the strangest bank heists to have ever been documented occurred. It was a failed attempt. The robbers took four hostages into captivity, and they did not release them for six days. They were very kind to the people they were holding under hostage. Within a few days, the hostages began to gain sympathetic feelings toward the robbers. Once the heist was put to a halt and the hostages were released to the authorities, they actually defended the robbers. Somehow during the course of a week, the hostages began to favor the side of the criminals. This psychological effect became known as the Stockholm Syndrome.

The Stanford Prison Experiment
A fantastic piece of history occurred in the basement of Stanford University in 1971. Philip Zimbardo conducted a study that was interested in figuring out how people adapted to roles. The study was supposed to last two weeks, and it consisted of 24 participants. All of the participants were undergraduates at Stanford. They were split in half. One side consisted of prisoners. The other side consisted of guards. The students with the role of a guard had been given guard uniforms, and they were also given tinted sunglasses to wear. The sunglasses would strip the humanity out of the eyes of the guards. When the “prisoners” would look at the guards, the guards would seem soulless. The “prisoners” were given prisoner uniforms to wear. On the first day of the experiment, things were pretty playful. The students knew it was just an experiment; however, the situation escalated within 24 hours.Within a couple of days, the “guards” were treating the “prisoners” as if they were actually prisoners. The prisoners actually became more like prisoners, and they started displaying criminalistic behaviors. The guards began to almost become torturous. Despite the fact that the experiment was supposed to be run over a 2 week period, it had to be cut short. On the sixth day, the experiment was put to an end because the situation became out of control. Philip Zimbardo had the role of Warden in this experiment, and he too was becoming affected. When the prisoners would come to him with pleas of help, he would shun them away just as a warden would.
So, What gives?
Something odd is at play here.
In the case of the Stockholm Syndrome, the robbers treated their hostages with kindness. In return, the hostages continued to act as hostages; however, they showed sympathy toward their holders.
In the case of the Standford Prison experiment, the guards treated the prisoners inhumanely. As a result, the prisoners continued to act like prisoners, but they had more violent outbursts and revolts.
In both situations, the people began to take upon the roles that situations had assigned them. Within a matter of four days, the Swedish hostages began to show sympathy and love for the criminals whom they would come to treat as owners. In roughly the same amount of time, all the people involved with the study at Stanford began behaving in the roles placed upon them.
In the previous article, I spoke about how it would take roughly 40 days for a good man to turn evil; however, as shown by these historical occurrences, the transformation occurs in a drastically short amount of time.
Lucifer was God’s greatest follower, and it took him just one act if disobedience for him to fall from grace and to become into Satan.

We’ve seen evidence of people falling from light into darkness in many instances.
There is the story of Frodo and the ring that began to consume him in The Lord of the Rings.
There is the story of Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader.
There is the story of Adolf Hitler who went from being a starving artist to one of the vilest rulers to have ever walked this planet.
And, if good people can turn evil, can evil people turn good?
Certainly. The affect is the same in the reversal. If you put an evil man in the presence of good people long enough, a transformation occurs then as well. This was explained quite well in the previous article. If you would like to read that article, go to the top of this page and click the blue article link.
We must understand now why this phenomenon occurs.


Resonance is the act of frequencies of energy lining up and beating in unison. This phenomenon is seen in many places and situations:

  • Sports Events: When one person starts the wave, another person joins in, and suddenly everyone in the audience is doing the wave.
  • Performances: When one person begins to applaud, another joins in, and suddenly the whole room is cheering.
  • Laughter: One person starts laughing, and others begin to join in for no other reason than that laughter is contagious.
  • Crickets: Night time is when crickets begin to chirp. You may notice that at first, the chirps are off beat; however, eventually, all the sounds begin to beat in unison.
  • Menstrual Cycles: If you put a group of women together in the same apartment for an extended period of time, their periods begin to match up and occur simultaneously.
  • Music: Place a piano and a guitar close to each other. If you pluck the G key on the piano, the G key on the guitar will begin to hum. (Richard Gordon, Quantum Touch, page 16)

So, what gives?
Why is all of this happening? It seems as though the effect isn’t merely psychological. It seems to pervade the very fabric of existence!
And, this is true.
In order to understand resonance, we have to understand the universe.
Everything in the universe is made of atoms.
Atoms consist of protons, neutrons, electrons, and quarks.
All of these are varying forms of energy; protons have a positive charge, neutrons have a neutral charge, electrons have a negative charge, and the quark is the smallest piece of existence to have ever been discovered- it is a raw strand of energy.
What this means is that absolutely everything in the universe is made of energy.
Now, let’s look at the three states of matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases.

  • Solids: The molecules are tightly packed, yet they are still moving. They are bouncing off of each other at very slow rates. If you were to put a solid under an extremely powerful sound magnifier, you would hear a slight hum. This is the sound of the vibration. All matter vibrates, and this include solids. The vibration is the result of the molecules bumping off of each other.
  • Liquids: The molecules are spread out more, and they are moving faster. The sound of liquids is at a much higher frequency than that of solids.
  • Gases: This is the highest frequency. Many gases are invisible, and the particles in gases are moving at very high speeds. The sounds are of very high frequencies.

Everything in the universe is energy.
Everything in the universe also exists in vibration.
Vibration is the process of harmonization. Without it, the universe would collapse upon itself.
Now, something interesting happens when you take pieces of matter and place them into different situations.
A block of ice will melt at room temperature.
Wood burns under intense heat.
Dry Ice turns into gas.
These are all changes of states. Essentially, here is what happens:
When an extremely high vibration meets a lower vibration, the vibrations MUST harmonize. The stronger vibration almost always wins; therefore, you could put a monk in a gang of thieves, and he will himself turn into a thief.
This is science. This is harmonics. This is vibration.
All energy yearns to reach equilibrium.
The wisest of men realize this, and they live their lives in terms of vibration.
If you want to become rich, hang around millionaires.
If you want to become a writer, hang around writers.
If you want to become a king, surround yourself with royalty.
Since everything is vibration, you do not have to surround yourself with people of excellence. If you cannot reach people of excellence, you can surround yourself with pictures of excellence. You can hang up inspirational quotes all over your room. You can read affirmations, you can make mission statements. In order to quickly achieve what you want, you must surround yourself with that thing first. If you want to become a professional boxer, then surround your life with things that remind you of boxing.

Hidden Messages in the Water

Masaru Emoto is a scientist who wrote the book Hidden Messages in Water. In this book he recounts his experience of studying water crystals. He would take bottles of water and tape words to them. The words would be indicators of feeling such as love, hate, malice, joy, sadness, empathy, and elation. He would take the words and put them individually onto different bottles. He would then take the bottles and put them into subzero temperatures. He would then take the frozen water and examine it under microscopes. What he found was shocking.
The water inside water bottles with positive words on them had transformed into beautiful crystals.

The bottles that had negativity attached to them also had shocking results:

This goes to show that negativity weakens us, and positivity strengthens us.
It also goes to show that the effects are seen both in nature and the human psyche, which, of course, is absolutely a part of nature.
Here is a fascinating video of the process in real time when a water crystal is placed in the presence of the Japanese national anthem:


The universe exists in vibration, and we are certainly affected by the world which surrounds us. We must take every effort to make sure that we surround ourselves with positive forces that may strengthen us like love strengthened these crystals.
A good man can bad just as easily as a bad man can turn good.
Love is stronger than hate, and it is far more affective.
It is more beautiful.
When going about doing anything in life, first try to surround yourself with the objects of your desire.
Now, there is more to this. At a deeper level, everything is thought. Before you even surround yourself with role models of excellence, you must concentrate on having thoughts of excellence. More on this will be explained at a later date. Stay tuned. =)
As of now, realize that you can make substantial changes in your life just by surrounding yourself with positivity.
Start paying attention to the world that you have surrounded yourself with.
Does it enhance you, or does it weaken you?
Always strive for excellence, because that is one vibration that will surely take you to great heights.

– Haha, I couldn’t resist.

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