Thoughts and Reality: The Scientific Art of Bending and Creating Your Reality

//Thoughts and Reality: The Scientific Art of Bending and Creating Your Reality

Thoughts and Reality: The Scientific Art of Bending and Creating Your Reality


You are a living, breathing, magnet that participates in a universe which has been created by solely your own thoughts. Wise men have said all throughout the ages that our thoughts make our world. Perhaps they spoke figuratively; however, the power of their words resonated a truth so concrete that up until the 20th century, it could only be validated by a feeling in the gut. For millennia, the gut was seen as the source of all truth and reason; however, the birth of logical reason thrust the power of the gut aside so that science may adopt an approach which could be measured and scaled. Viva la Revolucion! The 20th century came, and along with it, we obtained a wealth of knowledge which could finally substantiate the claims that the sages of yester could only convince us through rhetoric without the foundation of measurable proof to validate it.


Clearly and succinctly, the premise of this article is to evidence that our thoughts create our reality. I make no small claim when I address this situation. It is of my aim to give strong evidence that our thinking literally creates the cosmos which surround us, from the greatest star to the smallest thread of string. The world in which we exist is defined completely by our observation of it, and it could not exist the way it does if it were not for our observation. In The Greatest Secret Earl Nightingale states, “Throughout history, the great wise men and teachers, philosophers, and prophets, have disagreed with one another on many different things. It is only on this one point that they are in complete and unanimous agreement- the key to success and the key to failure is this: We Become What We Think About.”Men all the way from Aristotle and Socrates to Descarte and Einstein believed this notion, though they stated it in different words due to their differences of person. Einstein stated, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” So, my dear reader, do thoughts create our realities? They indeed do, and if you let me proceed with my claim, I am convinced that you as well be led through a great journey of enlightening information that could quite possibly change your entire life. By combining three laws the world has proven to be completely and utterly true by the name of God and Science, we will explain how thoughts create reality by combining the law of gravity, the law of observation, and the laws of energy into a fulcrum by which we can leverage the postulate referenced in the hypothesis.


Our dear genius, bringer of fire through the form of science,  Sir Isaac Newton is greatly attributed to a story in which he sat under an apple tree and discovered a force he went on to call gravity. Most men and women are familiar with one of the laws of gravity- and yes, there is more than one law of gravity. This law that we are familiar with is, “What goes up, must come down.” There is proof and validity of this claim on any corner of earth. If you want to have a nice experiment to prove this, you could jump off of a skyscraper and witness the downfall of the empire you  struggled your whole life to create, only to see it literally shatter on concrete.  Our intellectual sociopath (he was not a very nice man) also discovered that there was a second law of gravity. His first mere observation was that this planet had a certain force that brought everything together and made objects stick to the ground. His second observation became the second law of gravity, which is something not many men and women are aware of consciously because they take it for granted.  The second law states that every single thing in the universe has a gravitational pull. Yes, this means a cup of tea, a bowl of noodles, a ball of yarn, a piece of string, your eye ball, your left toenail, an unsharpened pencil, a coffin, and a car all have their own gravitational orbit. What this means is that if we were to place a Lamborghini in the far reaches of outer space and place a pencil around it, the pencil would orbit around the Lamborghini. Understand this and believe this! My dear, unfaithful, disbelieving, reader, understand this clearly. For, does not Jupiter carry an abundance of moons, whereas earth has merely one? There is a clear link between mass and gravitational pull. No pun intended, size does matter. Even gas and light have a gravitational orbit. Is it not true that eight planets (Pluto is no longer considered a planet) orbit this great ball of hydrogen we have collectively labeled as the sun? The question we must address now, however, is the mere observation that if every single substance in the universe (be it solid, liquid, or gas) has a gravitational orbit, then why do not all things in our world crash into each other? Why does not the car that is parked in front of your living quarters crash into the door that leads you in? There is a very simple answer for this, and I do stress that it is not completely profound due to is obviousness of nature. Earth’s gravitational pull is the strongest in this world, so instead of things crashing into each other, they are drawn to the core of this great, life sustaining planet.

Inquisitive reader, let us examine the law of energy now.  Think for a second of how a person may be similar to a table, a quarter, or a pineapple. Think deeply. There is truly a connection which can be made here. I do say that there is an absolute, concrete, fundamental similarity between a car and an apple. Let’s dig deep, shall we? Take a look in my microscope, and I will show you how similar we truly are. Do you see the atoms? Ahhh, yes! We have hit near the core. Was it not our friend John Dalton who first proposed solid reasoning for the atom’s existence? And was it not the Rutherford experiments which went on to fully substantiate the realm of the atom? There is much evidence for the existence of the atom. And now, we must probe even further into the atom to find more uniformity. Every single atom is made of electrons, protons, and neutrons- which, by and far, are just negative, positive, and neutral charges of energy moving at speeds faster than the speed of light.  Probing even further, we find the smallest known structure to have ever been discovered by present science: the quark, which is merely a strand of energy.  It is quite clear that the universe is made of energy. Take not my word for it; however, take Physicist Stephen Hawking’s words instead.

There are something like ten million million million million million million million million million million million million million million (1 with eighty zeroes after it) particles in the region of the universe that we can observe. Where did they all come from? The answer is that, in quantum theory, particles can be created out of energy in the form of particle/antiparticle parts. But that just raises the question of where the energy came from. The answer is that the total energy of the universe is exactly zero. The matter in the universe is made out of positive energy.(generationterrorists)

Every single thing in the universe is made of energy.  It is the base of every single form of matter in existence from the invisible ultraviolet light to the substance upon which you are seated, my friend.

Third, we must take into account the law of observation. This law simply states that energy follows thought. The observer effect simply states that the observation of a subject increases the likelihood of its occurrence, and it also validates the existence of the particle. Napoleon Hill stated in his masterpiece Think and Grow Rich, “thoughts are truly things.” He was simply alluding to the observer effect. One of the rules of the scientific method is for the experimenter to be completely detached from the experiment so that his observations may not trigger a desired result.  What one must understand is that this effect takes place not only on the macroscopic level, but it has an instant, measurable result on the microscopic level as well- many times, the change is seen much more quickly at the quantum level than it is on the compound level by which we can use our five senses to measure something without the aide of equipment. In the middle of the 20th century, there was a battle between two of the greatest scientists to have ever lived- Niels Bohr and Einstein. Niels Bohr was one of the founding fathers of quantum physics. He is attributed to having taught that energy exists in waves; however, Einstein disagreed. Einstein believed that energy existed in particles. This turned out to be a heated battle between the two scientists.  Albert Einstein believed that Quantum theory lacked proof or validity in the science world. Niels highly disagreed. According to What the Bleep “The visible world is the invisible organization of energy” (Pagels)”. Thoughts are waves of energy that fly all over the universe. They come to us in our dreams, in our nightmares, in our perceptions, and then they project into our reality. A person’s world is like a mirror that catches every single desire and intention he or she has and reflects it back as a single image. But the way that person recognizes the image is based on his or her perception of it. One might perceive it optimistically, while another might perceive it pessimistically. The world he or she lives in reflects on the perception of his or her thoughts. People who think poorly of themselves and poorly of the world live in a state of poverty. But in contrast, people who think richly of themselves and richly of the world live in a state of wealth. The essence of reality is that people are drawn to people, places, and things which compare to their thoughts and perceptions. Einstein and Bohr entered the grand battle of science. The argument grew so large that a conference, The Copenhagen Conference, was summoned. In this conference, the room was split in half. One half was Einstein’s followers, the other half was Bohr’s followers. Two microscopes were set up in order to prove whether energy existed as waves or as particles. On Einstein’s side of the room, every single scientist who looked into the microscope saw particles; however, everyone on Bohr’s side saw waves. This began to erupt into an argument until someone on Bohr’s side interceded and told the Einsteinians, “Look into the microscope, but try to see waves instead of particles.” After some hesitance, the Einsteinians decided to follow the instructions. To their surprise, this time they saw waves of energy. This revelation became known as the observer effect. The observer effect simply states that for anything to exist, it must be perceived. The best way to understand this is to imagine yourself in the eyes of a germ. When we look into the sky, we see stars and galaxies spread across great distances. When a germ looks at us, it does not see us as a whole mass. Instead, it sees within our cells, it sees the gaps between each pore, it does not see organs. Rather, it sees particles suspended in the air in a certain rhythm. We are solar systems to the germ. Furthermore, to a germ, mankind probably does not exist as anything but another solar system to its perception. The Copenhagen experiment gave substantial evidence that energy follows thought. Our mere thinking transmutes the ethers of the universe into measurable, conceivable, observable reality. According to ScienceDaily, “Severe psychological stress may be linked to Breast Cancer.”  Stress is an emotion based on our thinking and reaction toward an external, or internal, stimulus.  Energy truly does follow thought. A quick experiment one might conduct is to think of the right knee cap (any body part will suffice) without touching it. Within seconds, you will feel sensations on the observed part of the body. Scientifically what just occurred is your mind sent a signal down your nervous system to the selected body part, and the body part sent a signal back up to the mind. The nervous system is constructed of nothing but nerve endings which use electricity to run the body. Electricity is energy.

At hand, we have substantially evidenced that thoughts govern energy in the body, but we still have not proven that thoughts have any affect outside of the body. Let us turn to our great and faithful Physicist Brian Greene. In Dr. Green’s book The Elegant Universe, he writes about the four forces that pervade the universe.

String theory proclaims, for instance, that the observed particle properties—that is, the different masses and other properties of both the fundamental particles and the force particles associated with the four forces of nature (the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity)—are a reflection of the various ways in which a string can vibrate. Just as the strings on a violin or on a piano have resonant frequencies at which they prefer to vibrate—patterns that our ears sense as various musical notes and their higher harmonics—the same holds true for the loops of string theory. But rather than producing musical notes, each of the preferred mass and force charges are determined by the string’s oscillatory pattern. The electron is a string vibrating one way, the up-quark is a string vibrating another way, and so on.

Brian Greene writes that there are four forces that govern the universe, the first two of which most people are aware: (1) Gravity, (2) Electromagnetic Energy, (3) Strong Force, (4), Weak force. According to Mcgoodwin’s summary of The Elegant Universe,

The fundamental forces and their force charges are the strong force (they glue quarks together, possible charges are red, green, and blue), electromagnetic (e.g., the electric charge of quarks can be 2/3 or -1/3 ), weak force (related to beta decay, charge can be 1/2 or -1/2), and gravity.  These forces are mediated by the gluon, the photon, the weak gauge bosons W and Z, and the graviton resp. (with relative strengths of 1E44, 1E42, 1E39, and 1, resp.)

Gravity is the force that keeps atoms stuck to other atoms and substances; however the inside of an atom is extremely chaotic. The forces within an atom are moving at speeds faster than the speed of light, and they are constantly coming in and out of the structure- this has been called the electron cloud. According to Dr. Greene, gravity is not sufficient enough force to hold these inner workings together. Imagine trying to force the positive poles of two magnets together, and one will clearly see the dilemma at hand. When there are many electrons in a highly charged field of space, there can be much repulsion. This is where electromagnetic force comes in. David Greene states in his book a very nice example of the strength of electromagnetic energy as opposed to gravity. Paraphrased, he states, that we should imagine that we are holding an electron clenched between our right index finger and thumb, and we should hold another electron in the same manner by our left hand. Our right bicep will represent the strength of gravity. In order for our left bicep to represent the strength of electromagnetic energy, it must be stretched to the opposite end of the universe. Electromagnetic energy exists in the forms of radio waves, microwaves, satellite signals, human touch, thought, and much,much more. According to The Elegant Universe, “The electromagnetic force…is the force driving all of the convienences of modern life- lights, computers, TV’s, telephones- and underlies the awesome might of lightning storms and the gentle touch of a human hand.” To mathematically compare the electromagnetic force to the gravitational force, electromagnetic energy is 10^42 times stronger than gravity. According to Greene, this is “about a million billion billionbillionbillion times stronger!”. The human touch is governed by the flow of electrons in the nervous system, therefore it also has its own electromagnetic spectrum. Furthermore, thoughts also have their own electromagnetic field, as indicated by the observer affect and Greene’s studies. According to SuperConscious.Blogspot, “Just as your physical body is controlled by your mind, so too is the electromagnetic energy field surrounding your body directed by the power of your thoughts.” If thoughts are indeed the conductors of this electromagnetic force, which is 10^42 times stronger than gravity, then it goes on to reason that the power of thought is stronger than the power of gravity. Electromagnetic energy is the energy which binds electrons to an atom so that they do not escape.

Finally, let us combine all three laws together to validate the hypothesis. First, every single thing  in the universe is comprised of energy. Second of all, every single thing has a gravitational pull. Third, energy follows thought. ince everything is Energy, and energy follows thought, and everything has a gravitational pull, that would mean that You, dear reader, just by thinking (because energy follows thought– The OBSERVER Effect), can Attract to yourself (using your gravitational pull and electromagnetic energy), Anything you want (energy).  This means that negative thoughts can only bring you negative results; however, positive thoughts bring positive results. We must multiply, not add. Energy, thoughts, and the gravitational force upon these is more exponential than anything else. This is why bad days come to you in the blink of an eye, and this is why good days can come in the blink of an eye as well.

(Energy)(Thought)(Gravity)= Positive Outcome
– [(energy)(thought)(gravity)]= – Outcome

Now, let’s consider the equation at heart. Gravity brings you energy frequencies. So, gravity isn’t negative or positive. Energy also isn’t negative or positive. Energy and Gravity, both, are neutral. The One thing that brings things out of balance is Thought. Thought is rarely neutral. Someone who has neutral thinking is someone who has let go of the past and future, and only exists in the present. In other words, someone whose thought registers as only neutral is someone who has reached enlightenment. Therefore, for 99% of the world, the thought is either more positive than negative, or it is more negative than positive. The polarity of your thinking, then, will determine whether or not Energy and Gravity will work in your favor (positive), or against it (negative). And, that can only be determined by What you think about. Humanity exists beyond the sixth senses. There is a level beyond it all, there is a level where there is no mind, there is a level where there is true peace, true exhilarating peace. You musn’t search for it; however, you must exist in the now. The past and future are all illusions, and all that you have is this moment, which has been experimented by Einstein to be deemed as true. According to M-Theory, the universe exists in at least 11 dimensions (damtp), which goes on to show the list of endless possibilities we exist in. By simply observing a certain possibility in time, we gravitate toward that outcome. In RobertBryanton’s book Imagining The Tenth Dimension, Robert goes on to show that the fourth dimension is time. The fifth dimension is possibilities outcome. Basically, a pencil is in the third dimension. A pencil moving across a field from point a to point be is a progression in time having taken place in the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension, according toBryanton, consists of all the possible places the pencil could end up. For an exciting demonstration of Bryanton’s research, go to and search up Imagining the 10thDimension.

Concisely, we gravitate toward our desires. The polarity of our thoughts and feelings send electromagnetic waves across the universe, and they literally bring to use the things we desire by laws of gravitational attraction. Every single thing in the universe is made of energy. It is the human mind that perceives a disconnection between us and the universe. The fact is, all particles are made of energy. We exist in an unending wave of energy, the greatest ocean in the cosmos. What occurs on one end of the spectrum is felt throughout the other end, just like a stone thrown into a body of water sends ripples throughout the entire surface. And once the ripples subside, the flow of energy continues on forever in complete inertia, bumping into other things which further combine with the flow of energy and stream deeper into reality.  We are kings in this world which we have constructed merely by observation. If a tree falls down in the middle of a forest and no one is around to hear it, it truly does not make a sound because there is no observer, as shown by the Copenhagen experiments and tests done by David Bohm. As William Earnest Henley stated, you truly are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.  The hypothesis has not been fully proven true, though I believe it to be true. When three laws combine together, they do make a fourth law. Just like 2+2=4, 2+4 must equal six. However, I still cannot openly say the hypothesis has been proven true because many people do not bring to fruition their desires. The reason at hand is that they did not hold their intent long enough for the particles to grow from the subatomic spectrum to the macroscopic. The evidence at hand cannot be validated in the present state of humanity as there are too many doubters to the combination of the laws at hand; however, just as gravity is always working, so is this contrived law working all the time as well. This having been said, the hypothesis cannot be claimed to be absolutely true by the science community until every single person can willingly attract the very thing he or she desires; this, I find as hopeless because as it stands, there are still people in the world who believe the holocaust never happened( If they cannot be convinced of something that has at least seven million victims who can bare witness to the alleged crimes of the NAZI’s, I do not see how the world as a whole will willingly accept how powerful its thoughts really are. As is the case with the scientific method, an experiment must be replicable by absolutely anyone absolutely one hundred percent of the time in order for something to be passed on as a law. Thus, though technically the hypothesis still needs further proof, I believe it to be fully true because I abide by the research of David Bohm, Brian Greene, John Dalton, Ernest Rutherford, Stephen Hawkings, Sir Isaac Newton, Robert Bryanton, Niels Bohr, and Albert Einstein.


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Also, the very well known works of Sir Isaac Newton upon which there is substantial evidence to validate his claims from many pages in calculus, other mathematics, the internet, and many other books.

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    upon a very quick read of this article by me, a brain injured person, I find a few flaws. The nervous system also controls involuntary actions which contradicts certain postulates in the article, Further if the brain is damaged, then even if we accept the content of the article as valid, a damaged brain will not comply with the premises. Parallel Universes belongs to the realm of science fiction and esoterisicm. Finally, time is not a 4rth dimension. TIme is an operator, for which reason it is easilly confused as a dimension. Time is defined as the change in the state of a system given the work done on that system, hence delta state is a function of delta work. Chemistry and thermodynamics will disagree with this, but they are wrong and I am too ill to battle for the truth. Enlightenment via neutral thinking is a very inspiring concept, and perhaps true for healthy brains.

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